Future plans for Porsche and EV models-The DS3 offered with a new transmission
May 11, 2015

Electric vehicles are certainly becoming increasingly more popular as the months go by. A vast number of car firms on the market today have a vehicle in the division and now the Porsche brand are looking to make the biggest impression on the segment so far by offering a vehicle that will run from both electric and hydrogen power and will also look to challenge the likes of the Tesla brand with their popular Model S car. Information on the new car is very scarce for the moment but we do have some of the latest in information for the new model. First of all, we do know that this car will come your way in the form of a four door model and it is expected that from a full charge on the battery, the car will travel for around 265 miles before needing a recharge. It is expected that we may see the new car go on sale from 2017 onwards with confirmation not yet being given on this. Dr Ulrich Hackenburg has however commented on the new technology by also stating that new Hydrogen fuel cell technology will also come into play further down the line but it is guess work at the moment as to when this could be. We have however seen companies such as Toyota do this with their Mirai model and have proven to be a big success in Japan. This car will also launch here in the United Kingdom in September.


The DS3 receives a new transmission system

We all know the DS range for being some of the best city car vehicles produced by Peugeot-Citroen. Earlier in the year the company parted ways entirely with the DS brand who have now gone solo and attempt to make it as a car brand on their own. One of their first port of calls however is that they have announced that their recently updated DS3 model will now come along with the option of a six speed, automatic transmission system. It has been confirmed by the firm that the transmission will be made available with both the standard hatchback and Cabrio variants. These new model variants with the new transmission will become available for purchase here in the United Kingdom from next month.


Porsche say weight reduction is a priority

We are seeing more and more vehicles get launched onto our roads which benefit from more and more power than ever before. With a range of lines such as Renaultsport, RS models from Ford and GTI models from Volkswagen, we have seen a many vehicles become even better sellers than ever before. However, Porsche are a company known for offering some of the quickest vehicles available on the market right now. The brand have however decided to take a step in an opposite direction by the revealing from Andreas Preuninger who is the head of Porsche GT that in the future with their next 911 GT3 model, they will be looking at reducing weight rather than adding power to the car. He has however stated that power will not be toned down at all with an expected to be around the 500bhp area. At this moment in time, the belief is that thanks to weight reduction technique, we may see the cars suspension system finely tweaked also. We are looking forward to hearing more on the future of the next 911 GT3.


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