Volvo expand to the US-Toyota and Mazda partnership-Production of the BMW M2
May 12, 2015

Toyota and Mazda are two of the biggest manufactures that the car world has to offer right now. We have seen both brands achieve some incredible success over their time on the market all around the world and they have proven that they are exceptional when it comes to working together aswell. We have seen both companies join up to bring us the Scion iA model and the new Mazda 2. However, reports are suggesting that this is just the beginning for the two firms as the latest information coming in reveals that Toyota could be borrowing Mazda some help when it comes to their future fuel cell technology. This is something that Toyota have succeeded with in Japan with sales of their Mirai hydrogen vehicle which will also go on sale later this year here in Britain. The design of plug in hybrid vehicles would also be helped by the brand with Mazda looking to make a name for themselves in the future even bigger than what they are already. This is entirely just rumour for this moment in time and no news has been confirmed which suggests which cars would be finding the use of Toyota's technology. As soon as we have more information on this though we will keep you informed.


Volvo set to expand their factories

It is no secret that the Volvo brand have been increasingly more successful as the years have gone by and there is now a lot of anticipation behind the forthcoming XC90 suv model which sold out day one orders within just a few hours of being on sale last year. With this incredible rate of success occurring for the Swedish firm,the brand have also now announced that they are set to expand by opening up a brand new factory located in South Carolina in the United States. This makes history for Volvo as it will be their first plant to ever be built in the country. It is believed that the factory will help to keep up with demand on the new XC90 when it goes on sale as they expect to increase production of the car early on into its life cycle on the road.


The BMW M2 all ready for production

The latest word on the new BMW M2 is that production of the new model is all set to begin from this coming November. With this new addition to the M range reaching production so soon, there is a chance that we may see the new car go on sale next year or 2017 at the latest. The German brand are remaining pretty quiet on the exact specifics of the car but it can be expected that the fitting of a three litre turbocharged engine will find its place of pride underneath the bonnet. The big news though is that a total of 365 brake horse power has been recorded for the new M2.This would make it one of the most powerful M series models from BMW and we are excited to see just what the car can do when it gets on the road.  


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