Skoda revealing a special Fabia-Toyota sales-Self driving car news
May 12, 2015

It is this week from the Worthersee car festival that the Skoda Fabia model has been revealed in special Red and Grey edition form. The new model will be officially revealed later on this week but for the moment we have seen images of what the new model will look like packing the likes of seventeen inch, Red alloy wheels and and striping along the bonnet and the roof of the car. The car itself has White paint scheme with the striping in Grey with Red striping running alongside. The vehicle is also designed more sportier than ever before as is demonstrated by a brand new spoiler at the back which is joined by a rear diffuser. A front spoiler and tinted windows at the back end of the car are also brought into play for this special edition model. A price is yet to be revealed for the car or when we could expect to see it become available on the road, but we will have more on this new special Fabia addition later this week.


Toyota sales drop but profit improves

Toyota have announced that sales over the past year have dropped ever so slightly but not by a large margin. The brand announced that sales for all around the world last year were just below the nine million area with sales being missed out on around 144,000 vehicles compared to the previous year. However profit is an area Toyota have excelled with as they announced an 18.1 billion increase in profit. This means the climbing of twenty percent for the firm as far as profit is concerned. The brand will be looking to increase their sales again over the next year with their new Mirai launching in the UK later this year. However the brand do not expect to climb in profit gain over the next twelve months.


Do self driving cars need more work before a launch arrives?

Self driving cars have very much been the talk of the town for many years and there has been a lot of excitement about this new self driving vehicle range for many years. However these cars may not be as advanced as far along as we may think. Reports are suggesting that around four of the vehicles have already been involved in accidents whilst testing in California. Right now there are fifty self driving vehicles being tested in the state. Fortunately all accidents were not fatal as it has been reported that all speeds were travelling under ten miles per hour. It has been said that on two of the occasions drivers were controlling the car whilst on the other two, the vehicle was in control. Could this just go to show that self driving vehicles are not as far as along as we originally thought or is this just a hiccup on the road to success for self driving cars?. Let us know your opinions on self driving cars via the comments section on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.


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