Alpine debut at Le Mans-Suzuki im-4 confirmed-Mini Cooper Convertible S spied
May 14, 2015

Big news coming in this week is that French car firm Renault could very well be set to reveal their brand new Alpine concept model which is expected to be debuted from this years Le Mans 24 hour race. We first heard the news of a new Alpine model being brought to life a number of months ago and things have been quiet on the topic since then. Renault refuse to give any exact specifics yet for the new supercar but considering the plans of revealing it at Le Mans, we would expect the car to be a strong and powerful machine. The only thing we know about the new model so far is just some of the information suggested in rumours. The big one for example has been that,a total of 250 brake horse power is expected to be put out by the new Alpine. It was said though by Bernard Olivier who is the CEO of Alpine that production on the new model would begin at the end of next year in the firms plant in France. As soon as we get any more information on the new vehicle, we will keep you updated.


The new Mini Cooper S Convertible

For the 2016 year, Mini will launch their brand new convertible Cooper S model which will mark the third generation for the range. However we now have a much better idea of just how the car is shaping up thanks to images which were posted online showing the new car out and about testing on the road. The test model was spotted in the traditional Black paint scheme carrying over some traditional features such as the chrome surrounded front grille that we are so used to seeing from the brand. The big difference to other Cooper models though is of course the roof. The new folding roof is made from canvas and folds back into the boot. This brand new model has been confirmed to be going on sale from this upcoming Summer which would be the ideal time when you think about it. Mini have confirmed that the engine range will have options of both petrol and diesel units. Both petrol and diesel units will benefit from a 1.5 litre option on both sides and a more powerful two litre four cylinder petrol will also be up for grabs. The most powerful engine in the line up however is the turbocharged two litre setup found inside of the John Cooper Works model which is to give out 228 bhp. The new Cooper S convertible is expected to be a great seller for the firm as we also look forward to the most powerful and most sporty standard Cooper model to ever go on sale which will be arriving on our roads soon.


The Suzuki im-4 Mini crossover given the green light

The brand new im-4 mini crossover model has reportedly been given the green light for production and reports are suggesting that we can expect to see the new model arrive on our roads in three years time. We first seen this vehicle debuted in the form of a concept machine from this years Geneva Motor Show which is where it is safe to say, the car received a great feedback from onlookers. The general feeling amongst car fans world wide is that the new im-4 is not going to be one of the biggest and best vehicles in its division but it could certainly be a car that helps bring the fight to the likes of the Italians Fiat with their Panda range. Suzuki will look to bring their best with the car though which is why we can expect to find their dualjet technology under the bonnet in the form of a 1.2 litre engine. A one litre petrol engine coming fully turbocharged will come as an alternative choice. The only other news confirmed for the car was that both two and four wheel drive options will be offered with the new crossover addition. This certainly is some big news for the brand and we cannot wait to see just how successful the vehicle is when it goes on sale in 2018.  


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