Honda reveal the all new Africa Twin
May 14, 2015

Honda are famous in the motorcycle world for some of the biggest selling motorcycles of all time. When we think of some of these names, the likes of the SP1, the CBR 600 and 1000rr and the Goldwing come to mind. There is a difference between the models. The CBR Fireblade range are sports style machines as is the SP1 on a grander scale and the Goldwing is designed for comfort and luxury. This proves that the firm have what it takes to develop all sorts of machine to appeal to a vast audience. That is exactly what they have done with their latest revealed model. We introduce you to the new Africa Twin. The new model is a rally based adventure bike that we first heard rumour about last year. It was at the Milan motorcycle show last year that we first seen the bike in concept form and now Honda have completed the image we needed of the bike by revealing teaser images of the new model showing how it looks in production form and other big news has also been revealed about the Africa Twin alongside these new pictures.


What do we know about the new Africa Twin model?

So regarding the information that was revealed, Honda have given us our best insight into the new adventure bike so far. Some confirmations that we now know for the new model are that it will be powered by a large 1000cc engine which will be aimed mainly at off roading as you may have expected. Images reveal a set of golden front forks with a Red and White paint job with the main being the Red. One of the big features though is that rubber fittings can be removed or added which allow the bike to be much smoother when off roading and will result in a much more comfortable riding experience. In order to appeal to all markets, Honda also has stated that as an option to all customers, the choice of a dual clutch, automatic transmission system will also be on the cards from the time of launch.


Just when can we expect to see the Africa Twin go on sale?

So with that being said, when can you expect to see the new Africa Twin go on sale?. Well originally there was a lot of talk about the new model going on sale from 2016 onwards but Honda have brought this date forward by revealing that the new model will become available across many markets from later on into the course of this year which is great news for fans who are looking forward to the model. The new Africa Twin could very well appeal to a new market of motorbike fans and we see nothing but success in the future for this model.


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