Peugeot going more upmarket
May 15, 2015

Peugeot are one of the worlds finest car manufacturers of all time. They have been responsible for some of the best selling city and family vehicles that the car market has ever seen. When we think back to some of their most successful pieces of art, we think of the likes of the 2008, the 208 and the 3008. Now though the French firm are looking to take their line up more upmarket in hopes of bringing in a new range of customer for their product and even looking to go head to head with bigger vehicles with the likes of the Passat from German rival Volkswagen heavily in their sights. So how does Peugeot plan to do this exactly?. Well to answer to that question is quite simple really, the answer rests within the brand new 408GT.


What is the Peugeot 408 GT?

The 408 GT is a brand new four door coupe model that the firm have been developing which they will look to bring to the market in the future. We have seen images of just what the car is going to look like but there is no word on how much this image will change the closer we get to an actual launch for the car. From what we have seen, the 408 GT is certainly one of the trendiest models the brand have ever created with a full Blue paint scheme matched with chrome surroundings around the front grille with large air intakes located at each end of the car. LED headlight technology also shows that the brand are looking to take their range to the next level much in the same way other brands have done over the course of the past twelve months. It is now also expected that the car will be equipped with the options of both petrol and diesel engines and power outputs are expected to start from around 120bhp and climb upwards to around the 267 brake horse power area depending on which engine selection you decide to spend your money on.


How far away are we from a launch for the 408 GT?

Unfortunately a time scale has not been given as to when we can expect to see the new car go on sale. At the moment though, we know that the 408 GT will be aimed more at the Chinese market than anywhere else with a car already receiving the same badge on that market but it has also been discussed that there is a strong chance that the new model will also go on sale here on the streets of the United Kingdom to look to share some success with more upmarket vehicles of their own such as the 508.


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