Porsche 911 hybrid an option-the BMW X7 confirmed-Future Jaguar suv range
May 15, 2015

The latest to come from the Porsche brand is that by the end of this year, we may finally have a decision on whether or not the brand are going to include a hybrid version of their 911 model amongst their range. We know that the German brand are not shy to launch one of these cars as they have recently been spied testing their new Panamera SE hybrid model, so it is definitely a possibility. It now seems that we are one step closer to getting a decision as the head of Porsche Matthias Mueller has said that they are in talks right now as to whether or not they are going to go ahead with it. Mueller seems optimistic that it is definitely a strong candidate for a new 911 hybrid on the market but will it get given the go ahead this year?. What do you think on the matter?. Should Porsche bring a hybrid 911 into the fold?.


BMW confirm a new X model is on the way

Some very exciting news now and that is that BMW have today confirmed that they have been given the go ahead for a brand new model to be introduced onto the road in 2017 and it will be badged under the X name as the new X7. The new car will come in the form of a crossover that has been developed by the brand for over two years. Information is very scarce for the moment but power from around 200 to 300 brake horse power is expected to be given out by a range of both three and four cylinder engines that are expected to come along with the new X7 when it goes on sale in two years time. The only other information known about the new X addition is that it will be a five door vehicle and will be placed mid way between the firms X1 and X3 models.


Are Jaguar to debut more suv models in the future?

The new F Pace will mark a new era for British car brand Jaguar-Land Rover as they launch their best attempt yet at a new suv model to join an ever growing market. The firm are expecting big things with sales included for the new car but could this be enough to motivate the firm to get things on the move as far as even more models are concerned?. The latest on this case is that Jaguar could very well be planning a range of new suv models following the launch of the F Pace. Jaguar have commented on the news by saying that they are looking at developing more crossover vehicles in the future and the latest speculation is that a new model could sit below the XE in their line up further down the line. Nothing has been confirmed on the news but we suspect that Jaguar-Land Rover will look at how well the F Pace does first before they make any decision on an entirely new range.


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