BMW M5 spied and M6 package revealed-Fiat test their new saloon
May 18, 2015

A brand new competition package has been revealed as an optional extra that can be fitted to the BMW brands M6 model which in our opinion, is one of the finest vehicle additions in the companies M division. Thanks to the brand new package, power has been significantly increased by quite some margin. This new update is offered only with the 2016 range but still makes use of the brands V8 sized engine under the bonnet. Now we see that power is being given out of a whopping 592 bhp compared to the 567bhp of the package that came before. It has also been confirmed that 189 miles per hour can be hit as a top speed also thanks to the new package. BMW also focus on making the driving ability of the car much more sleek and agile aswell by including an altered stability control setup which helps to make the handling of the car much better. Other changes also include some minor changes adjusting the chassis of the car. Fancy some changes outside of the car though?. Well the firm have you covered with new Black sports exhausts also using a chrome finish aswell as a new set of alloy wheels which in total measure twenty inches in size. For the moment, BMW have not confirmed how much the new competition package is going to cost customers but we do know that the setup will be available to order in two months time.


Testing begins on the new M5 model

Whilst were on the topic of BMW and the M Division, a new M5 is also on the horizon and we can today confirm that testing on the new forthcoming model has officially begun with screenshots of the car wearing disguise being uploaded online over the course of the weekend. The new car was seen undergoing tests in Munich Germany and was disguised very well by the body shell of the companies 5 Series range. It is expected that this new model will go on sale in 2017 after a debut in late 2016. A turbocharged V8 engine is expected to be announced as the power source for the new car but this cannot be confirmed as of yet. The big news though is that if this is proven to be the case, an expected figure of around 600 brake horse power is expected to be delivered by the engine. It is still early days for the new M5 but we will keep an eye out for the car on the road once again as we expect that this will not be the last time we see the new model out and about testing.


Fiat spied testing something special

BMW were not the only manufacturer to be spied out testing a new model over the weekend. Italian auto maker Fiat have also been making the headlines for similar news. A brand new model was seen wearing some very heavy disguise but it is expected to be the brands first new addition of a saloon range which models are expected to go on sale over the duration of the next few, upcoming years. It has been confirmed that the car spied, will be going on sale here for the European market and it is to be the companies new saloon addition which will have the likes of the Focus from Ford in its sights when it officially goes on sale. Fiat remain very tight lipped on the specifications that will come along with their new model or just what the car will be called. We do now however that it is going to carry some of the same traits as their Grande Punto vehicle. The car will go on full display for the first time in Istanbul this month.  


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