Lotus Evora 400 and Hyundai ix35 prices-Seat Cupra expansion plans
May 18, 2015

Seat have announced their plans to expand their vehicle range in the future which would see new diesel units become apart of their Cupra range. The news became public knowledge on Saturday as the brand also confirmed that their new Ibiza Cupra model will also be offered with a manual transmission system. This will of course come as an optional feature to customers who enjoy the automatic transmission that the car carries as standard. Further models also look strong when it comes to receiving diesel engines. This news was referenced by Jurgen Stackmann the chairman of Seat who said that the idea of these new models in the future was not a bad one. For now though the upcoming Ibiza Cupra will be first in the line up and it has been said that the option of a manual transmission has been done in order to help the car rival some more hot hatch models such as the ST range from Ford and other hot hatchback vehicles on the market.


Lotus announce Evora 400 price tag

Lotus are set to launch their fastest ever production model which will come in the form of the Evora 400 and today we can confirm that the price tag for the car here in Britain has been confirmed to come in at £72,000. The new Evora 400 will pack a supercharged V6 sized engine that gives out 400 units of brake horse power which allows the car to hit 186 miles per hour as a top speed. Along with the price of the standard model, the news of pricing on optional extras was also confirmed. Features such as alloy wheels at £2,000, an automatic transmission at the same price and metallic paint work priced at £900 are also on offer for the new Evora 400. The brand will make their first set of deliveries on the new car from this coming August.


A price revealed for the Hyundai iX35

Prices for Hyundai's first hydrogen fuelled vehicle named the iX35 has been revealed for the United Kingdom with the order books on the new car officially open now. You can order the car from your local dealer right now and the price tag of £53,000 has been confirmed to come along with the vehicle. The reasoning for the raised price tag is of course due to the new technology that is used inside of the vehicle which involved hydrogen fuel tanks completely powering the vehicle. This is one of the first of its kind to be launched in Britain so it will be interesting to see how successful the car proves to be in regards to sales and popularity. In September, Toyota will respond by launching their Mirai here in the UK which is expected to be a strong rival for the new iX35. The topic is touchy for many though, as the thought of not many refueling systems being located around Britain may be a downside for many customers however, it was confirmed that three new filling stations will be brought to the city of London. Is the iX35 something you would be interesting in driving?. Let us know your opinion via our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus about the new technology being used in vehicles.  


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