The latest in motorcycle news stories 19-05-2015
May 19, 2015

Triumph have revealed two new Tiger 800 models which will now increase their Tiger range to a total of six models. Triumph are now marketing these motorbikes as top of the range motorcycles in the Tiger family and they have been named the 'XRT' and the 'XCA'. The new models will add in equipment and paint designs that other Tiger units don't and the paint work designs in question are a new Orange design for the 'XRT' model and a new Green paint scheme for the 'XCA'. It's not hard to see why these two are going to be the big range toppers as they offer some great additional features such as heated grips,heated seating for both the rider and the passenger,LED headlights which are only available for the 'XCA' model, a tyre pressure monitoring system and the likes of a new radiator guard made from aluminium. With items like these brought into play, the new models could be the most popular in the range and could be that fresh update needed to keep Triumph on top of their game.


Victory Motorcycles set to go more sporty?

Victory Motorcycles have revealed new designs which reveal more sports orientated designs which could potentially point towards a change in direction for the brand in the future. Victory were more based in the past with roadster type models, think of the likes of Harley Davidson. But the new images which have been revealed by Victorious show two track based motorcycles and the brand also revealed in the past week that they are planning on entering this years Isle of man TT. This is of course would need a sports bike to compete which could be the big nod that motorcycle fans need. Victory have not announced their intentions to do this as of yet but if the most recent project reveals are anything to go by, the future is certainly looking bright for a brand that could very well join the likes of Honda and Suzuki to name a few on the sports bike market.


The Kawasaki Ninja H2R takes to the road

The Ninja H2. What more needs to be said. It is the most talked about motorcycle of the past twelve months following the huge reveals of one of the most powerful Kawasaki motorcycles ever. It was also announced that a track based version of the model would also be introduced going under the name of the H2R. Today we can confirm that this machine took to the track a number of weeks ago at Brands Hatch here in the United Kingdom during the British Superbike Championship which could potentially mean the bike could see a career on the track further down the line. This is purely just hopes and expectation but it could very well happen. It was said that power given out by the bike around the track came in at 326bhp which is the most powerful motorcycle output. Exciting times could wait ahead for Kawasaki and the Ninja H2.  


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