The European Eco-Sport Released By Ford
February 28, 2013

The European Eco-Sport Released By Ford


The Ford Eco Sport has been purposefully built for the UK car market along with any other Crossover market specialists. The crossover market has thrived in the UK as the Nissan Qashqai model along with the Juke model took off in the market and has consistently featured in the UK top selling cars for approximately 12 months.


The demand for crossover models and vehicles a like is still there to be seen as the many of the worlds top manufacturers look to develop new and challenging crossover models. The Ford Eco Sport has been specifically designed for European markets such as the growing market of the UK. Ford have had one of the most successful years of sales as they announce the biggest market share and profit ever in the firms history. Ford have enjoyed a successful 12 months after the Focus and the Fiesta were released which boosted their sales dramatically and even saw the Focus model in the running for the worlds best selling vehicle for 2012.


The Ford Fiesta model has been that successful that Ford have decided to base the new crossover Eco Sport model on the Fiesta. The Fiesta remains the US firms most exciting project and some may say the most valuable asset in the form of the Ford Fiesta. Ford have also developed a number of new and exciting technology that will be fitted on the Eco Sport model. The first of which is said to be the most exciting, Ford have announced that the Eco Sport will be fitted with the SYNC app link which will enable the voice control of certain smart phone apps such as the sat nav amongst others.


The Crossover market has been said to be slowing up in the UK as Nissan have announce a reduction in sales since the turn of the year. However, this may be due to the release of crossover markets such as the Vauxhall Mokka. Ford still plan to go ahead with the release of the Eco Sport as they look to offer an alternative to the more faithful of Ford customers.


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