A brand new Mercedes E Class spotted testing
May 21, 2015

Images appeared online yesterday which shows what appears to be the next generation of Mercedes E Class models undergoing a spot of testing in Prague. It is expected that the new generation model is to be revealed at some point next year following an on sale date later a few months later. The E Class is one of the most executive line-ups that the brand offer and there is no doubt about it, it gives other executive models on the road such as the BMW 5 Series and the A6 from Audi a good run for their money. Little information is confirmed by the German designer at this moment in time but we do know of some of the new features that will find their place inside of the new car that could potentially bring in even more sales for the brand with the car.


What new information is known about the next generation E Class?

So regarding what we do know about the new car, it is believed that both petrol and diesel engine units in inline six form will come along as options for the car. The latest news is that hybrid drive trains are also expected to come along as part of the new range and you high performance fans will also be treated to something special in the form of a V8 sized engine carrying four litres of fuel which can also be found underneath the bonnet of the AMG GT. Both C and S Class vehicles will take a place of pride in the design of the new E Class vehicle and a brand new large style screen will also find its place inside of the interior cabin to try and keep Mercedes upto date with the latest and greatest in in car technology. The news was also confirmed that following the launch of the new E Class, an estate version of the car will also go on sale further down the line.


Will the new E Class dominate the executive market?

When we think of some of the most spectacular vehicles that the executive market has to offer, vehicles such as the Jaguar XF and the Jetta from Volkswagen come to mind. With what we know so far about the new E Class including its engine range and technology, the smart money says that the next generation of E Class will continue to be top a spot contender even amongst these rivals.  


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