Is the Volkswagen Golf R400 destined to make it onto the road?
May 21, 2015

Volkswagen have big plans it appears for their newly designed Golf R400 model which would be set to be the most powerful Golf vehicle on the road. It will come in the form of their new hot hatchback model and at first it was believed that the car would not be making it onto the road in the future but now however, it appears that the belief is that we can expect to see the new hot hatch make its way to the market at some point throughout the course of next year. A big hint was given for this when the car was snapped testing out its true potential on the world famous Nurburgring race track. We know its serious stuff when cars make it that far. Our very first glance at the new car only happened last year as it was revealed in concept format from the Bejing Motor Show. The car is expected to change a little when it reaches the production line but not by much.


What can you expect to see from the Golf R400 when it goes on sale?

So with this vehicle being a hot hatch model, what is the first thing you think of?. For us its certainly what kind of power deliverance the new model is capable of and questions have been answered. Around 395 brake horse power is expected to be giving out by the turbocharged two litre engine that will be fitted underneath the bonnet. Thanks to this, 450NM of torque is also expected to be delivered by the Golf R400. Throw in some other key elements which include a rear spoiler and large alloy wheels compared to the standard Golf and power and overall agility is a sure-fire to see improvements. Volkswagen have also confirmed that the DSG automatic transmission system will indeed be carried over to the Golf R400 model and we will also find that the car operates on a four wheel drive system. Good news indeed for Volkswagen fans.


How likely is the car to launch next year?

Next year is the expected time frame for sales to begin on the R400. Chances are though that we could be waiting a little longer for the launch depending on how far ahead the brand are with the development of the car. With the car hitting the Nurburgring already it shows that some serious work has already been put on meaning that sales beginning next year are still however a strong possibility.  


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