Updates brought in for a special Volkswagen Golf
May 22, 2015

The Volkswagen Golf, we all know it for being one of the most spectacular vehicles on the market that money can buy. It has been one of the flagship vehicles for the VW brand for many years with over seven generations of the vehicle spanning since its launch in 1974. There have also been very special variations of the car on sale including the likes of the Golf R and the Gti version and the list continues with more models on the way over the coming years. However one of the versions of the car which has proven to be very popular is the cabriolet open topped Golf. The Cabriolet brings all the great fun from the standard Golf and packs it into an even trendier air flowing version. The Cabriolet was introduced four years ago now and drivers love everything about it. Now however, the car is set to be updated with a range of new engines in order to add to the excitement even more.


New Golf Cabriolet engines making the Golf EU6 compliant

That's right, the new engines to come along with the car make it much more friendly for the environment with low C02 emissions and Mpg returned. This means that the new engines offered are now fully EU6 compliant which seems to be a direction in which many companies are taking their engine units such as Toyota with some of their hybrid additions and the 220d from BMW. A total of four TSI units will now be on offer aswell as two Tdi models. Two 1.4 engines, a 1.2 and a two litre Tsi come with the car. There are also the two diesels which give out 109 and 148 brake horse power. The petrol units begin with power outputs from 104bhp, then climbing to 123,148bhp and finally the 217 brake horse power deliverance. These mean some excellent figures when it comes to C02 emissions with figures as low as 43.4mpg being returned. Good news for car fans looking for something good for the city. The new range would also come in handy in London with reducing the pollution put out by vehicle engines.


Further changes made to the Golf Cabriolet

It's not just the engine range that have received updates. Volkswagen have also introduced some of the latest in car technology and gadgets inside of the vehicles cabin. The latest radio and navigation systems for Volkswagen have also been updated and the brands 'Discover Media' navigation is also available. The brand have also stated that updates for the next three years for the technology will come for free for this time period.  


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