Audi put the new A3 Ultra model on sale
May 22, 2015

Audi have officially put their new Ultra version of the A3 on sale here in Britain and across many other markets globally also. One of the biggest things that the new Ultra model boasts is efficiency and CO2 emission reductions aswell as being economically friendly. The new model comes just at the right time for Audi as they look to challenge their German rival BMW who have just launched one of their most eco friendly models in the form of the 116d model. Audi have announced that the latest in the A3 range can now be ordered from your local dealership with prices kicking off at £20,865. Aswell as doing some work on the engines, Audi have also brought into play more added features which help the car to achieve the magnificent rates that it does. Some of these new features also help to add to the excitement that is the overall driving experience that this car gives to the driver.


What are the efficiency rates like and what added equipment does the A3 receive?

With the overall efficiency of the A3 being the main area of focus for Audi, that is where we will begin. The A3 Ultra now sees just 89g/km of C02 emissions produced and the car also returns just 83mpg. This comes with thanks to the 1.6 litre. Tdi diesel engine which now is also paired up to all wheel drive setups. A Quattro all wheel drive system can now also be chosen with the Ultra model which is made available with the the two litre Tdi setup. This returns a lower 58.9mpg and emits just 125g/km C02 emissions.


Moving on now to those added features in order to help make for a better driving experience for the driver and we see a brand new set of alloy wheels come along as a part of the Ultra range which boast a measurement of sixteen inches. The suspension system has now also been lowered which means a smoother driving experience when it comes to hitting those tough bumps in the road and the same manual, six speed gearbox is also brought into play too.


Is it BMW or Audi with the most eco friendly car?

Well when we compare the statistics for both vehicles, the BMW 116d emits 89g/km of C02 emissions and returns just 83.1 mpg. The Audi as mentioned sees the same in emitted C02 emissions and beats the BMW by 0.01 percent with returned mpg figures. The figures are virtually identical so in our opinion it would come down to preference really on which kind of vehicle you much prefer.  


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