Mazda CX-5 production-New engines for Porsche-Lamborghini suv annoucement
May 26, 2015

Over the past number of months, we have heard reports that Lamborghini could very well be developing a brand new model to be entered into the suv market and the latest on the news is that we can expect to hear the official announcement this week aswell as the news that the car will be developed over in Italy. Lamborghini are set to join one of the biggest growing markets in the car industry today and with other companies like Bentley and Rolls Royce also joining the fray, it makes perfect sense for the Italian firm to want a piece of the action also. It is expected that the development of the new car will lead to a further five hundred open job vacancies in order to meet the demand for the new vehicle and three thousand models per annum are expected to be sold around the world. Regarding the exact details about the cars drive train and engine selections, news is being kept quiet for now but the concept car known as the 'Urus' which the vehicle is based on carried a V8 sized, twin turbocharged, four litre engine. We expect the car to be badged as a 2017 model and could also come along with a price tag of around the £135,000 area.


Success for the Mazda CX-5

Staying now in the suv segment and checking out a model which is already available on the road, the CX-5 which was developed by Mazda is still pretty early on into its lifecycle and the production of the car was began just over the three year mark. After a short time on the road, Mazda are this week celebrating the production of their one millionth model. It was February of 2012 that sales for the car first began and sales could very well of been boosted by the inclusion of the companies popular SKYActiv technology. Only two vehicles for the brand recently made this jump to the production of one million models with the other vehicle being the Mazda3. This is a huge milestone for the brand and their suv division and we look forward to seeing sales climb even higher over the coming years for the CX-5.


New engines on their way to Porsche next year

Porsche have confirmed that from early on into next year, both their Cayman and Boxster cars are going to receive the fittings of new engines. Matthias Muller the CEO of Porsche confirmed this news this week and also confirmed that these new engines will come in the form of turbocharged four cylinder units. At first, these new engines were only expected to be including with the new generations of the models set to launch in the future but this is now obviously not to be the case. Although the news was confirmed by the German brand directly, as to the exact specifics of the engines underneath the bonnet, these were not revealed but the latest speculation on the matter is that both two litre and 2.5 litre engines are to be used, this awaits confirmation officially. Could fresh engine options continue to bring in the sales for the company with two of their biggest cars on sale right now?.


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