Ford production begins-Expansion for Jaguar Land Rover-A new Toyota Coupe
May 26, 2015

Reports first came in a number of weeks ago which revealed that the Toyota brand had plans to develop an all new Coupe Sports model that would be designed in order to sit below the current GT86 vehicle in their range. The car was very much still a mystery when this was making the headlines but we can today confirm that more information has become available for the new via the same source in Australia which first announced the news. Now we know that the code name for this new vehicle design is the '69DZ', this will however more than likely change when a new official name is revealed. Toyota look to have their plans for the car very much set in stone as an insider from the company said that they are now in the final prototype testing phase and has revealed a 1.5 litre engine will also be found underneath the bonnet of the new Coupe. Both manual and automatic six speed transmissions are also expected to be offered with the car. Other information we know of is that the '69DZ' is expected to be a four seater model but plans could very well change in the future. We could be quite some time off a grand reveal by the brand directly with it being still in prototype form but there is a strong chance we could hear about the car before the end of this year.


Are Jaguar Land Rover looking to expand?

We all know that Jaguar Land Rover are one of this countries biggest car makers with one of their big plants located in Halewood Merseyside which has seen many great vehicles such as the Range Rover Evoque and the Land Rover Freelander produced there. However recently we have heard that the brand are looking to expand with their facilities into other countries with the United States being one of the big priorities. A European plant could also be in the running now according to the latest news in the car world. It has been said that JLR are now looking into countries including Slovakia and the Czech Republic for the development of another new plant. The firm would be looking at producing around an extra 250,000 vehicles per year from the new factory.


Ford begin new production in Valencia

Ford have officially began the production of three more vehicles from their heavily invested into plant located in Valencia Spain. The production of the new S-Max, Galaxy and Mondeo Vignale model have all began in the companies plant. It is said that these models which are produced from the factory will be sent to seventy five countries around the world and this is following a more than a one and a half billion pound investment into the plant. Thanks to the new investment, it is said that in the future, around 450,000 vehicles are expected to be produced from the plant per year. The Galaxy,S Max and Mondeo are all three top selling cars for the American firm and one of the countries that this factory will export to is of course the United States. This means that the US could very well see a strong demand all three of these models too aswell as some strong interest here in the United Kingdom and across other parts of Europe.  


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