Renault reveal the brand new Kwid
May 27, 2015

The Kwid was first revealed by Renault in the form of a concept vehicle. It was officially revealed as a hatchback model which would have had the potential to be inserted into the brands A segment range and that is exactly what has happened. The brand have confirmed that the car is all set to go and its initial grand launch will take place from the second half of this year but for the time being, the Indian market is number one on their list of priorities. That is not ruling out other countries though as Renault said the car could very well appear on other markets further down the line. Information was revealed about the specifications of the new car which reveal the use of a 0.8 litre petrol engine. The car will also run on a brand new CMF-A driving platform which is used in hopes of making the car more lightweight and agile.


The Kwid to go on sale as a Renault or Dacia?

There was other speculation after the car was given the green light for production and that was to whether the car would be badged as a Renault or of course the firms sister brand, Dacia. It appears now though that it is definitely going to be Renault. Carlos Ghosn who is the head of Renault openly stated that the car will not be operating under the Dacia badge in the future. Dacia have become more and more popular as the years have gone by here in the United Kingdom and across other parts of Europe especially with their Sandero model so the news of it not being badged as a Dacia could come as a surprise. Especially considering the 0.8 litre engine setup which is expected to be quite eco friendly and run on low emissions.


How long can we expect to wait for the Kwid?

The French firm have not given a time-scale as to when the car will go on sale here in Britain or across other markets world wide. The only thing that has been really said is that they are going to invest into the Indian market to begin with later this year when the car goes on sale and see how it does there. Then they will focus more on exporting cars across other markets around the world. The Kwid could really help Renault to excel in the future but as far as how fans around the world will react to the new vehicle, this remains to be seen.  


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