Seat suv prototype-updates for the Mercedes A45 AMG-Brabus S500 updates
May 28, 2015

Well it has officially happened. After seeing a lot of photos of a testing model from Spanish firm Seat of what appeared to be their brand new addition into the suv segment, we have now seen our best look yet at what Seat plan to rival the Nissan Qashqai with when it goes on sale. Images were posted via the internet which revealed the car in its prototype version for the very first time but wearing a lot of disguise. At this stage, it is far too early to tell some of the features that are going to come along with the new suv and we could still be quite some time away from its launch. The only things we do know about the car for the moment though is that the entire range will come in the form of turbocharged units featuring both petrol and diesel three and four cylinder engines. We would expect from this stage that the car may very well be around two years away from going on sale.


Ready for the next Mercedes A Class instalment?

Are you a fan of the A Class range which has proven to be a popular hit for Mercedes Benz?. Then you may be in luck as images have revealed what appears to be a new A45 AMG model which is expected to go on sale from next year. Both inside and outside of the car will be effected by some brand new changes which include both revised headlights and front and back bumpers and the tail light designs will also receive some mid-life updates. Inside of the cabin we can find new control designs also for the vehicles infotainment system which is also joined alongside by a brand new steering wheel design.

Now if we cast our attention to some engine upgrades that will come along with the newly revised A45 AMG, power is the key factor here. The same turbocharged two litre engine can be found underneath the bonnet but now rather than giving out 355bhp, the car now delivers 375bhp. The German brand have confirmed that the car will make its grand debut from the Frankfurt Motor Show this year which takes place in September.


A Brabus tuner package added to the S500 hybrid

The Mercedes S500 plug in hybrid is known for being one of the most luxurious and upto date technology wise vehicles that money can buy. It also does a good job of appealing to a wider market by bringing it into play using hybrid technology. Now though the Brabus tuning firm have done some work on the wonderful car by injecting it with some more power. The news has been confirmed that with this new package, power has been updated by a further 51 brake horse power added meaning 493 bhp is now the overall result. Although sprint times have been improved,the car will still hit out at top speeds of 155 miles per hour due to the electronic restrictions. The Aero package offered on the S Class model is now also available with the S500 hybrid and wheels measuring twenty two inches in size can now also be selected thanks to the latest range of updates from Brabus.  


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