BMW reveal the CSL Hommage 3.0 model
May 28, 2015

BMW have revealed the return of their 3.0 CSL Hommage model which was revealed this past week at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'este in concept form. The car was confirmed to be a one off model and it was announced by the brand that any possible future production models of the car have been ruled out. Although this is the case, there is still some questioning as to whether the brand will carry some similar features and styling designs over to other vehicles in the future. There is still some belief that this could be the case but BMW have not commented on this matter as of yet. The new concept car was a new design from the brand that carried some great features and had a special look which manages to look sleek,agile and aggressive all at the same time. So what are the chances of seeing some features carried over to future models in the brands line up?.


What are BMW hinting at with the CSL Hommage?

The chances are that with some of the design strategies that the German firm have taken with the new concept car, these kind of features could be used in a new M range model in the future. We all recognise the M division for being more power orientated vehicles giving out much more power than traditional standard models and a three litre, straight six engine is found underneath the bonnet of the CSL Hommage along with an electric motor which could also hold a strong potential future with M range models further down the line.

The Hommage CSL looked amazing with catchy features including both LED and laser designed headlights. Alloy wheels measuring twenty one inches in size also feature as does a front splitter and a fixed rear wing which increase dynamics and agility of the car.


Does the CSL Hommage outline the future of the range?

There is no doubt that these features on a BMW model in the future would certainly bring a lot of attention to the firm. Lightweight materials are used on the bodywork of the car which is something that we see many car firms doing right now and proving successful at it. So there is definitely some abilities and methods that will of course carry over to their future range. The CSL Hommage will not be holding a place in the brands future but some of its best features could very well do so.  


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