The new BMW 6 Series and M6 models
May 29, 2015

This year German car brand BMW will launch their newly revised 6 Series model which will also be joined alongside by the M division version the M6 and the firm have this week revealed the price tags that are going to be coming along with both vehicles which is some exciting news for BMW fans. For the newly updated models, BMW have focused heavily on the development of their engine range and they have also made some adjustments to the car which could prove to be very popular for many potential buyers. The 6 Series range dates back to the seventies and has a long prestigious history behind it. Therefore it only makes sense for the brand to carry the car into the next generation with a mid life facelift.

In order to grab the attention of car buyers, the company have included some new fixtures outside of the vehicle which include a new set of LED headlights which are made available for the first time as the main beam of lighting. The grille still remains as the kidney style design but does receive some minor adjustments. Also depending on the engine you want for your model, the wheel sizes are different, for example,seventeen inch wheels are included with six cylinder engines but higher engines are offered with eighteen inch wheels. Speaking of engines,lets get into those.


What engine work has been done for the new line up?

So looking now at the big changes made to the car, the engines are carried over from the traditional 6 Series range but the big news is that they are now fully Euro 6 compliant with efficiency having a big role to play with the updated units. Turbocharged petrol and diesel units are made available with the main coupe model returning 146mpg. The other big change is the driving experience of the car which means that the buyer can now select to run the car on a four wheel drive setup. The same eight speed transmission paired to the engines are still offered.

There are some great features inside the cabin of the car also which may appeal to many buyers which include Nappa seating across both the standard 6 Series and the M6 and a set of twenty inch wheels are thrown in with the M6 which also benefits from additional power which now comes in at 567 brake horse power.


How much is all of this going to cost?

So now for the big section. At what cost are these brand new models going to come in with?. Well this week the brand confirmed that the standard 6 Series model will be available with a purchase price of £59,430 which will increase depending on which trim level you decide to spend your money on. The most you can expect to pay out for an M6 model comes in at a total of £97,300 for top of the range versions of the car.


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