New Yamaha debuts and sales set for next month-Honda test the Africa Twin
May 29, 2015

Yamaha have revealed a brand new entry level scooter model called the 'NMAX' which will go on sale in Britain from next month. The brand new scooter is aimed at a younger audience and has been designed in a much sportier way compared to other similar models that the firm have to offer. Revealing the scooter in three different paint schemes, Red and Silver, Black and Silver and Beige and Silver, Yamaha also received some specifications of the new 'NMAX'. LED lighting both at the front and back are included aswell as two shock absorbers at the back and ABS brakes are fitted along with the scooter as standard. The 'NMAX' also carries a 125cc engine. Keep an eye out next month for the arrival of the new Yamaha 'NMAX'.


Are Yamaha planning to reveal the new MT-25 soon?

Are you excited to see the new MT-25 Yamaha model?. Then some good news is coming your way as we could very well see the grand debut of the brand new motorcycle as soon as next week. This is according to websites from Indonesia which state that the new bike is going to be displayed for the first time one week from tomorrow on the sixth of June. A teaser video was created and posted on 'Youtube' which shown the new bike but as careful not to reveal too much. Although no specifications have been revealed for the new model as of yet we are expecting a similar model to the YZF-R25 just in a form carrying less fairing. We are now expecting to see the new model debut next week and as soon as anything is revealed on the machine, we will keep you posted.


The new Africa Twin spotted on the road

Honda's new Africa Twin model has been spotted out on the road but carrying as much disguise as possible. The bike spotted was the CRF1000L Africa Twin version but the big change we noticed was how tall the screen on the bike was compared to the originally revealed version of the bike. The new Africa Twin is going to go on sale this year and is expected to bring in some good sales for the Honda touring department. With this new model, Honda will be looking to challenge the likes of BMW Motorrad who are famous for their touring style motorcycles but can the Africa Twin claim the top spot in touring for itself?.


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