Hybrid's in the future of Aston Martin?
June 3, 2015

Aston Martin, since 1913 they have been one of the most associated car firms with luxury high end sports cars and super cars. When we look back at the companies past, some of the very best cars we can pick out of their line up include the likes of the DB9,DB8 and the Vantage. They are certainly carrying one of the best reputations that any manufacturer has right now. Through time they have also done a good job of keeping with the times and trends and this has been demonstrated very recently by giving their DBX suv concept the green light for production and confirming that it will make its way to the road in a number of years. One other area of the car market that it appears Aston are focusing on also though is the hybrid market. There is no denying the success that hybrid vehicles have found on a global scale over the recent years. Most manufacturers are trying their hand in the field now though and it would appear, so are Aston Martin.


Are hybrids a priority for Aston Martin?

Andy Palmer chief of Aston Martin here in the UK has commented on the future of their vehicle range by stating that the firm could expand their entire vehicle range to consist of around six or seven vehicles over the coming years with battery/electric power holding a firm place in the line up. Palmer stated that right now there are no plans to produce these models right away but they could certainly hold a strong place in the future as they would need more models in their range and the numbers that they currently produce which are around seven thousand per annum will just not be enough to meet demands.

The chances are that current Aston Martin models could be altered with the new power sources or they could very well design new vehicles for the power altogether. The upcoming DBX suv being fitted with electric or hybrid power however could very well be a good move for the brand if this was something they decided to do further down the line.


What models would be most likely to receive the hybrid/electric power?

So if the firm were to include the new technology in current range vehicles, there is really no telling which particular models the company would aim their sights on. The likes of the Lagonda and the Rapide though could very well be considered which would see both vehicles take to new heights. For the moment though, the future is still very much up in the air but at least now we know, electric and hybrid vehicles could certainly be on the way from the British firm.  


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