The rise of the suv
June 4, 2015

There is no doubt about it, this generation is more focused on suv models in the automotive industry and we have seen this particular kind of vehicle become very popular over the recent years. When we think of some vehicles that have proven to be successful in the range we have to cast our attention to the likes of the Qashqai,the X3 and the entire Q range from Audi. All of these particular models have been very successful not just here in the United Kingdom but across other areas of the world also and in some cases have even helped to make history for some of the brands with record sales. So what is it that people like about these particular cars and why have they achieved the level of success that they have?.

Well the main things we could think of are that they are particular large which results in plenty of space for the whole family. They are comfortable and often can be found carrying comforting features such as leather seating making those long journeys more tolerable. Equipment level wise, all companies are looking to outdo each other at every turn which results in more good news for buyers. They make for some great performance rates also depending on which engines are including. So looking now, what's not to love right?.


High end companies joining the suv segment

The result of this amazing success for the vehicle range has resulted in something that many years ago, we would never have seen coming. Even high end luxury brands are now joining the fray to have their voice heard in the segment. One of the finest examples of this is Bentley by developing their brand new Bentayga model which is expected to go on sale very soon and has been spotted out and about testing on multiple occasions over the past number of months. Other companies such as Aston Martin and Rolls Royce have also joined the party and Aston Martin demonstrated this by giving their DBX concept model the green light for production and we are expecting to see this car on sale within the next few years.

The latest example of this is the Lamborghini Urus which has also been given the go ahead for production and has been confirmed to be finding its place on the market in three years time at some point in 2018. With the likes of these companies joining the division, it is safe to say that now virtually every manufacturer is offering an suv of some sort.


Where can we expect to see the suv segment further down the line?

The suv division is on the top of its game right now so to say the range could dominate the market in a few years time would be an understatement as that is what its doing now. The vehicles listed above though are all set to be launched over the next few coming years and with companies such as Jaguar introducing the new F Pace aswell, the division is certainly hotting up. Jaguar have also suggested that they may offer a third suv as a part of their range also called the 'J Pace' in the future.


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