Suzuki engine developed-Volkswagen Phaeton dropped-Bentley's new design director
June 4, 2015

A spokesperson for Volkswagen has revealed within the past hour that they are to officially drop the Phaeton saloon model from their line up here in the United Kingdom after thirteen years being on sale. Thirteen is definitely not the lucky number for Volkswagen and their Saloon with it being a small number something that also reflects on the Phaeton which didn't manage to sell that many units here in Britain. This was not the reason given for its drop from the line up though. This according to Volkswagen is because its engine setup does not reach the standards of strict Euro 6 emission standards. There could of course be work done to improve upon these engines but with the lack of sales for them, it is unclear whether it would be worth the initial investment. For an idea of how unpopular the car was, last year here in the United Kingdom alone,only thirty one units of the car were sold over the twelve month duration. Sad news indeed for the brand to get shut off a car but it is said that a replacement for the vehicle is already being looked at by the brand.


Suzuki develop their very first engine

The task of engine development is something that a select few manufacturers have been working on over the recent years but one of the companies who have been and today have succeeded is Suzuki. The new engine developed comes in the form of a two cylinder diesel setup which is aimed at the Indian market for this moment in time and will be included with the Celerio over there. With a return of 62.8mpg and power given out at 47bhp, for a first developed diesel engine, the setup is certainly efficient. The main part of the engine has also been made out of aluminium materials in order to make the engine lighter than most available within the company already. The new engine is available with the Celerio on the Indian market right now but for the time being, no comment has been made on the engine reaching other parts of the world in the future.


Bentley take on a new director of design

Former director of design Luc Donkerwolke for Bentley Motors has left the company and Bentley have already named who his replacement will be and will take on his role from the first of July. Stefan Sielaff is the man for the job and his past history in the automotive industry proves this. He was worked for some of the finest car makers in the world including Volkswagen and their other brand Audi. For Volkswagen he was an interior designer and for Audi he was the director of design there also. CEO of Bentley Motors Wolfgang Durheimer commented on the new role for Sielaff by talking about the brand entering a new phase with their vehicle development and saying that Sielaff is the perfect man for the job when it comes to designs for these new models that they are developing.  


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