Suzuki finance offers-Victory Project 156 revealed-Honda RC213V-S
June 5, 2015

Suzuki have announced some new finance deals which they are now offering across their GSXR range which sees the buyer opting into a finance agreement and only giving an initial deposit of just £1.00. The agreement which Suzuki now offer covers a period of four years with zero percent finance available. The brand announced that the 1000cc version,750c and the GSXR 600 are all apart of this deal with prices differentiating depending on which bike grabs your attention the most. Suzuki are also offering zero percent finance on their Burgman, V Strom and Hayabusa models aswell. A great deal from the motorcycle firm indeed which could seem them cement a little more in terms of sales for this month and throughout the time the offer is available.


Victory reveal the Project 156

Victory motorcycles have officially revealed their latest in motorcycle designs called the Project 156. This new model will make history for Victory by being the first in their line up to offer water cooling technology. The bike has been revealed carrying a Black tank with red inserts around it matched up with Silver engine and exhaust pipe underneath the seat. The bike looks very attractive by the use of two golden forks at the front end also. Red wheels are also helpful when it comes to making the Project 156 stand out. The bike carries an 1133cc engine in the form of a V Twin. Victory suggest that some detailing from the bike will be carried over to their future motorcycle line up but this particular model is not expected to make it onto the production line.


Is the Honda RC213V-S going to be worth the price?

Honda have revealed their RC213V-S motorcycle which is said to be the closest experience on the public road to that of a Moto GP motorcycle. Although the bike is not being dubbed as a replica machine from the sport, it is carrying some of the same features in design to that of the racers we see on television. The firm are expected to sell the bike with a price tag of around the £115,000 area which still remains to be confirmed directly but is the bike going to justify the bike?. When we look at some of Honda's best selling motorcycles, the likes of the Fireblade range are some of the best that the brand have to offer. A top end Fireblade goes for around fifteen thousand pound. So is it justified adding an extra 100k on top of that?. Well that depends on what you're willing to pay. If you really want the Moto GP experience, Brembo brakes, catalytic converters fitted to the exhaust and a truly wonderful experience could be the deal that sells. The new RC213V-S could be the best motorcycle ever produced by Honda when it comes to the latest and greatest in design technology.  


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