Nissan start the sales of their new EV
June 9, 2015

Electric vehicles, what cars come to mind when these words leave your mouth?. For us, there are multiple vehicles which have helped to contribute to the success that the electric market has achieved and just one of these vehicles happens to be the Leaf. There is no arguing with the amount of success the Leaf has achieved over the years in countries all around the world and it is certainly car which has helped to put Nissan on the map even more than what they already were. However, another EV Nissan offer is the E-NV200 which has also seen its fair share of success. If you're a fan of this particular vehicle then you may be pleased and excited to know, the firm have now launched their brand new, seven seat version of the car onto the road here in the United Kingdom.


What changes can you find in the updated e-NV200?

Nissan make history with this new addition to their range as it is the very first all electric model to offer a seven seater layout. The seven seat fittings are of course one of the biggest changes brought forward to the car. This is the main big change for the car which offerings are identical to that of the standard e-NV2000 including the luxury white seating now offered across all seven seats. The same multi functioning steering wheel and diamond stitch designs are also carried over with the upholstery. For you technology fans out there, you can also find a sat nav built in.

The same battery setup is also used inside of the seven seater model to that of the standard e-NV200. This just so happens to be the same setup found in the ever successful Leaf model too. On full electric power, this battery takes the car on a 106 mile round journey before stopping and needing a recharge.


How much is the updated e-NV200 going for?

Nissan have confirmed the news that the seven seater e-NV200 is available for a purchase price of £23,400 and can be purchased right now from Nissan dealers around the country. In terms of large family vehicles running on electric power, the Tesla Model S and the new upcoming e tron ranges from Audi are going to be the biggest rivals in terms of space and battery technology for the seven seater, e-NV200.  


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