August 31, 2013
A new Vauxhall Insignia VXR   Vauxhall have released a number of images of the new face lifted Insignia VXR Super Sport model. The new model is officially set to make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show within the next couple of weeks.   An interesting quote by Vauxhall is that the new Vauxhall Insignia model will be the fastest car available for under £30,000. The new Insignia model will have a total of 321 bhp oozing out of the turbocharged V6 engine and a top speed of 170mph. The car will also reach the 0-60mph in approximately 5.9 seconds. &n... - Read more
August 30, 2013
The new Volvo Concept Coupe has given clues about the next generation of Volvo models. Pictures have been revealed of the Volvo Concept Coupe, which will be making it's official public debut at thw Frankfurt Motor Show next month. It is the first concept that has been designed by the new Senior Vice President of Design for Volvo, Thomas Ingeniath. It is also the first of three concepts that will be introducing the new design language for the firm. The concepts reflect Volvo's three new design pillars, Scandinavian Authority, Activity and Creativity, with the Coupe looking to be the fir... - Read more
August 29, 2013
The New BMW 1 Series   There has been a number of images released online that seem to show the new BMW 1 Series in disguise driving on some secret roads.   A number of the images seem to show the BMW model as both five and seven seat models. BMW have been paying close attention to the success of the electric car market as of late and now the attention seems to have switched back to the somewhat small MPV.   The electric car industry has seen an almost doubling of sales figures within the UK in the past 12 months and manufacturers such as BMW and Volksw... - Read more
August 29, 2013
The New Volvo Coupe?   Volvo have recently announced plans for a brand new Coupe model and have done so by releasing images of the concept model. The new Concept Coupe at Volvo is set to make its public debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a number of weeks time.   The Frankfurt Motor Show already has a number of exciting offerings with the first being the Hybrid Range Rover model. Peugeot are also taking a brand new 308 sport version to the show to attract interest and the new Volvo Coupe will look to do the same. We at Easy Gap believe that brands such as Volvo, ... - Read more
August 28, 2013
The New Ford S-Max   Ford have announced that a brand new S-Max model will be due for production in 2015. Ford have enjoyed a considerable amount of success with both the Focus and the Fiesta models in the past 24 months as sales have gone through the roof.   The new look on the S-Max may just indicate the small subtle changes that may be made to the Fiesta and the Focus over the coming years. The S-Max does show a resemblance to that of the latest Fiesta and B-Max MPV.   Range Rover have recently chose to reduce the amount of buttons and switches on t... - Read more
August 27, 2013
The New Seat Leon Estate   The Seat Leon model has long been compared with the Volkswagen Golf due to it being built on the same platform and with the same engines. However, the best car to come out of Spain in the last few years is now being offered in the form of an estate.   The Seat Leon already comes in the form of two separate models in the five door hatchback model and the three door coupe, both of which achieve impressive figures worldwide. The new Seat Leon Estate will now finish the line up and will offer an impressive boot space of 587 litres. This is on... - Read more
August 19, 2013
A racing version of the Honda NSX 2015 will be competing in the Super GT in Japan from next year. The version of the Honda NSX will compete in the top GT500 class of the Super GT championship in Japan next year. The concept is set to take on the Lexus LF-CC and the Nissan GT-R when it replaces the HSV-010.  The racer is based on the NSX concept from Honda, which officially debuted at the Detroit Motor Show 2012. The NSX is likely to adhere to the new regulations that have been designed to allow Lexus, Nissan and Honda to be able to compete with the BMW M3, the Mercedes C-Class Coupe an... - Read more
August 19, 2013
Careless drivers will be facing new penalties and higher fines for hogging the middle lane and tailgating, which came into place last Friday. Motorists that are seen to be tailgating or hogging the middle lane now face three points on their driving licence and £100 on the spot fines, the offences now flal under the penalty of careless driving.  Other traffic offences will also be facing stricter penalties, such as using a mobile phone whilst driving and driving without a seatbelt, these particular offences will now come with a fine of £100, which is up from the initial &pou... - Read more
August 18, 2013
Easy Gap is pleased to announce a new member of the family! The company that owns Easy Gap, and also the GapInsurance123 brand in the UK, have launched a third brand on the UK market. is now live, and will offer a third online option for UK consumers who are looking to buy Gap Insurance. The products do carry some common features with Easy Gap cover, but also a range of new features for those looking for something a little different. The new actually shares the same underwriting insurer as the current Easy Gap cover. The products are underwritten by UK Genera... - Read more
August 16, 2013
Drivers are being warned about a scam where criminals are flashing their lights to allow other drivers out at junctions and are then crashing into them purposely. Experts in the industry are calling the scam flash for cash. These gangs are usually targetting newer and smarter vehicles as well as road users who appear to be more vulnerable, such as older people or women with children in their vehicle.  This scam is costing insurance companies hundreds of millions of pounds each year.  This is a new tactic for a crime that is actually already established which is called crash for... - Read more