August 30, 2014
Are you just getting ready to take delivery of your new 64 plate car in the next few days? We are sure you are excited at the prospect. However the process of buying a car these days can be somewhat more complicated by the process employed by motor dealers. Go back 30 years and all you would have to worry about is making sure you take the cash out of the bank to take to the dealer for the new car. How times have changed. The process of buying a car is now accompanied by a range of payment methods and additional products. Have you been offered any of the following? Gap Insurance... - Read more
August 29, 2014
Today here at Easy Gap we are counting down some of the very best selling models of the year 2005. Over the past week here at Easy Gap we have been going through some of the best selling vehicles in the United Kingdom year by year. We started of at the year 2000 and now we have reached 2005. 2005 was an interesting year for the automotive industry as the sales throughout the course of the year went on record as being the fifth best year for the automotive industry. A big amount of sales on vehicles occurred in the last month of December with the majority of these sales coming from sales on ... - Read more
August 28, 2014
It is a well known fact that some of the best made motorbikes available around the world today come from Japanese manufacturers. Japan has always been one of the worlds leaders when it comes to a range of different things such as computers,gadgets, cars and of course motorbikes. The motorbike production over in Japan has been headlined for many many years now by various manufacturers such as Honda,Kawasaki,Yamaha and Suzuki. These top four brands have proven to be ideal sources of competition for one another over the years and still are to this very day perhaps now more than ever. As techno... - Read more
August 28, 2014
Today with our attention set on the motorbike industry, we take a look into a brand new motorcycle for 2014 from Japanese giant Kawasaki. This all new machine for this year comes in the form of a tourer variant of a hugely successful bike for the manufacturer the Z1000 SX. This all new machine has been marketed under the name of the Z1000 SX Tourer. It is indeed a touring version of the original bike and it shares some similar features and looks of that of the original model that went on sale. Two of the biggest noticeable changes made to this version of the bike are the two luggage carrier... - Read more
August 26, 2014
Over the past few days here at Easy Gap we have been taking a look into some of the best selling vehicles in the United Kingdom and today we carry on with a look into some of the best selling vehicles throughout the course of 2002. Some of the vehicles included in this list were also a part of the 2001 years best sellers. Some statistics for 2002 models also show the increase in sales rates compared to that of the previous year. A lot of these vehicles included in today's line up are still big sellers today twelve years on with some of these cars standing out as the main vehicles on sal... - Read more
August 22, 2014
This week here at Easy Gap we are taking a look into some of the best selling vehicles from the year 2000 upwards to now here in 2014. Yesterday we brought to you the five very best selling vehicles from the year 2000 and today we have the top five from 2001. In 2001 we seen some vehicles from the previous year maintain some good sales figures and kept on top of the list. We also seen some new additions into the ranking that are still selling in large quantities to this day. We have compiled today's top five list from the bottom at position five to the very top with the most sales of th... - Read more
August 22, 2014
In some news today concerning the French car manufacturer Citroen we are pleased to report on the launch of a brand new vehicle from the manufacturer which at this point in time is only made available over in China. The vehicle comes as a saloon version of the companies big selling DS5 model. Unfortunately this car is not available here in the United Kingdom as of yet and it is uncertain as to whether or not the car will go on sale here. A range of changes have been made to the car compared the original DS5 model which starts with the design of the car which includes more width and height f... - Read more
August 21, 2014
The year 2000 marked history in many different aspects of life. Not just the beginning of a new decade but also for the car industry too. Today we are starting with something new here at EasyGap as we go through the new decade year by year from the year 2000 today right up until 2014. We are taking a look into five of some of the best selling vehicles here in the UK for each year since 2000 that made an impact. Our first look today is into the year 2000 which proved to be a great year for the automotive industry. We have seen many changes in the world of vehicles since the year 2000 includi... - Read more
August 18, 2014
Striking a deal for a new car can be complicated. Part exchange allowances, finance settlements, discounts, deposit allowances and so on, these are all added to the mix, and you can end up very confused at the end of the process. However, it is important to know what you are paying for, and this is never more important than in the case of Gap Insurance. We have spoken to one of existing customers today, and he seems to be getting the rough end of the stick with his motor dealer. They have offered him a deal for a new car that 'includes' both Gap Insurance and a Paint Protection trea... - Read more
August 15, 2014
We have recently been looking at some of the best vehicles on the market for a range of different purposes. Today we are having a look at some of the most used vehicles by businesses for company cars. Many companies go for vehicles that are fuel efficient, reasonably priced and an all round good car. Many manufacturers are used these days for companies from around the world. Today however we are looking at the most used company cars in the United Kingdom. Some companies tend to lease vehicles whereas some companies own vehicles. The main purpose of company cars is to allow members of staff ... - Read more