December 31, 2013
With the ending of this year almost just over twelve hours away from now, we believe that this year has been truly phenomenal in the car industry, for many different reasons. With the global debut's of some of the finest electric models to, some fantastic family vehicles in the world of SUV amongst others. Diesel engine machines,petrol engines, have all proven to be big time sellers and top rival players in the car world over the duration of 2013, and with 2014 on the horizon now, it looks to be even bigger next year. But this year one car that certainly caught our attention,and that of... - Read more
December 30, 2013
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } In reports coming your way today, we sadly start the week off at a low point, with the news that, Swedish car company known as,  Volvo are continuing to stoop when it comes to, sales and love for their latest automotive vehicles being made available to the car consuming market around the world. One of well known car companies, most popular investments into the four wheeled market, comes in the form of the XC90, which is a seven seater, SUV style machine, which is mainly built for comfort and styling, but even this inclusion from the brand hasn't real... - Read more
December 27, 2013
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } In one of the first set's of motorbike news coming this end of the Christmas holiday, we are happy to report on the brand new bike from the brand that has received its official reveal and first road test, and comes in the form of the Saietta R model. The look of the bike itself looks like something of the future,and judging by its unique design and style, we think its fair to say that the two wheeled machine does not have anything that looks similar in any way shape or form anywhere in the world from other bike manufacturers, such as rivals Honda,Yamaha,S... - Read more
December 24, 2013
In some news today coming directly out of the Italian car company Alfa Romeo, the brand who have been on somewhat quiet terms lately, regarding releases of new models from the popular brand, have recently broke their silence, with the news incoming that the brand new Giuluietta model for next year is on it's way to car dealerships around the world. The latest model designed by the company in Italy have stated some of the specs and engine rumors that have been circulating lately, and although the brand have been pretty quiet as of late, they are hoping that with the introduction of this ... - Read more
December 23, 2013
Ford to set the benchmark in technology for the future ?   In North America, Ford have begun testing autonomous vehicle technologies, in the hope that the technology will be implemented into it's road vehicles by 2025. Ford, along with State Farm and the University of Michigan are conducting the research which forms a part of the Blueprint for Mobility plan from the American manufacturer. The Ford Fusion test car, which is sold in the United Kingdom as the Mondeo has the latest driving assist technologies and sensor systems fitted. Ford's goal, with enough development... - Read more
December 20, 2013
In some news coming out of the German manufacturing side of things today, it has been confirmed by company bosses that the latest in all electric technology from brand BMW in the form of the i3, is getting upgraded parts already, and a bit of fine tweaking done to the model itself. It is being known as the, i3 range extender. Although the model will run along side the original design on showrooms and in your nearest dealership. The brand believe that the announced model of origin will make up for 80% of UK i3 sales, therefore equaling the range extender version out at an extra 20 percent. B... - Read more
December 19, 2013
In incoming news coming from here in the UK regarding American manufacturer, and well loved brand Ford, the brand new Focus model set for a debut sometime throughout next year, has been spotted in its camouflage of course, being tested around the streets of Europe. The Focus model's without a doubt have become one of, if not the biggest selling vehicles available to the car consumer market in recent memory, and a number of years ago, was much of a trend to own one of these cars, as it was one of the most used four wheel vehicles on the roads, both here in the United Kingdom and across o... - Read more
December 6, 2013
According to a recent survey carried out by Auto Trader, approximately 79% of UK drivers believe that the government should be doing more to make electric and alternative fuel powered vehicles more affordable. An alternatively fuelled vehicle (AFV) is a car which doesn’t use a petrol or diesel-fuelled internal combustion engine as their sole form of propulsion. There are several different types of AVFs available; There are hybrids, such as the Toyota Prius, that use a combination of petrol and electric power to move the car. There are plug-in hybrids, like the Volvo V60 Plug-in, ... - Read more
December 5, 2013
Lexus are predicted to be revealing their concept LF-NX at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The company's new concept vehicle is predicted to become a rival to the Range Rover Evoque, BMW X1, Audi Q3 as well as the upcoming Lincoln MKC. The new concept was unveiled previously at the Frankfurt show in September with a Turbo concept shown at the Tokyo show last month. The updates to the concept include the original LF-NX concept's hybrid power-train, the same power-train as the IS300h and GS300h being upgraded. The hybrid power-train combined a 2.5-litre, four-cylinder engine with an ... - Read more
December 2, 2013
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } In motorbike news today, we at Easy Gap are happy to report that the latest in the motorbike line from Triumph the Daytona 675R is set to revolutionise the sports bike industry. The Motorbike has been receiving excellent reviews and feedback from investors and testers alike, and this particular model is said to be a big top rival for the likes of Honda and Yamaha who have recently included sports bike's to their ever growing franchise as well.   The look and design of the machine looks a lot similar to that of something from the Ducati line, ... - Read more