December 31, 2014
At the beginning of the year, Chinese car manufacturer Toyota set themselves a sales target of 1.1 million models sold in their home country of China alone but now as the end of the year draws in and 2015 becomes even closer, it looks as if the company are not going to hit their sales target in their homeland. The reason for this is to be blamed on the economic slowdown in the country with car prices dropping over there and therefore offering a better price matching system across the automotive industry. In 2013 the firm hit on sales of 917,500 units in China which seen them draw closer to ... - Read more
December 30, 2014
For the three main manufacturers there has been a lot of competition for one another over the years and today we take a look into one of the biggest challenges that has ever graced the car industry. We are today looking at the battle that exists between the Lotus Evora,the Audi TT and the Porsche Cayman. All three models are the most recognised sports cars on offer around the world right now but which one of these cars comes out on top and which would you rather spend your money on when it comes to owning the perfect sports car?.   The Audi TT has gone down in history as one of... - Read more
December 29, 2014
Next year sports car manufacturer McLaren are looking to top the charts in the sports car segment with the launch of their brand new Sports Series model which up until recently was known under the code name of the P13.The vehicle will receive a public unveiling from the New York Auto Show in April 2015 and it has some big vehicles in its sights. High spec Porsche 911 models and the BMW i8 are to be the two biggest challengers that the Sports Series will have to face but how do all three of these vehicles compare to one another?.   The new McLaren Sports series will receive the ... - Read more
December 29, 2014
The Motorcycle show in London has become one of if not the biggest annual motorbike event to take place in the United Kingdom and it is almost that time of year again. The 2015 London show will take place this coming February and will open its doors on the 13th of February until the 15th of February. This year though is set to be one of the biggest events that has ever been held. It has been announced that for the first time, every Motorcycle that legendary rider Valentino Rossi has rode will be on display all in the one arena. This is definitely a key highlight for many motorcycle fans all... - Read more
December 24, 2014
A special one off edition of the McLaren P1 has been designed and sold to one customer who requested the vehicle. Only one version of the car has been designed and it is not likely to see this design scheme again in the future. The owner of the vehicle who is based in Canada is the only customer to have possession of the car which has been designed in a light Blue paint scheme with Orange stripes across the length of the vehicle. The P1 is one of the most powerful McLaren models to ever be made available on the road and the new model is designed in such a special way that even the steering ... - Read more
December 23, 2014
Google's self driving vehicle has been making its way around news sources for quite some time now and could very well be a glimpse into the future of the way we drive vehicles. The idea of autonomous cars has caught on with BMW too who have also been designing one of their own. Work on the Google model was began in May and now it has been confirmed that the car is ready to go into production. It is a brand new concept entirely as it will be the first ever vehicle to not receive a steering wheel or even a set of accelerator or brake pedals. It has been confirmed that history will be made... - Read more
December 23, 2014
The Government has today announced that over the duration of the next six years, they are to give local councils around the United Kingdom a total of £6 billion equaling out at £1 billion a year in order to help fix potholes on bad road conditions around the country. Around 115 councils around the country will receive the funding other aspects of our roads will also receive some fixes including lighting and bridges. Many of the bad road conditions just receive short time fixes at the moment and the government has brought this new plan into play in order to help prevent this and ... - Read more
December 22, 2014
Former executive for BMW Albert Biermann has officially made the switch to the Hyundai brand in order to help them develop faster vehicles. Biermann was one of the heads from the M Sport range of BMW models which are well known for their strong power outputs. With him going to Hyundai this is certainly a big loss for the German firm as the experience in the range that he carries could benefit Hyundai by a reasonably large margin. Albert will officially begin his role of head of vehicle test and high performance development for Hyundai in April of next year and has filled the vacancy in orde... - Read more
December 22, 2014
Super sports car designers Lamborghini have revealed their latest super car model which will make its way to us in the form of the new Aventador Pirelli edition. The Aventador is a vehicle which has been in production since 2011 and has since this time seen many special edition versions of the car go on sale. What makes the new Pirelli edition of the vehicle something even more special though?. This new model has been designed in order to celebrate the partnership that both Lamborghini and Pirelli have shared since the sixties. The firm have confirmed that the car will be made available in ... - Read more
December 19, 2014
Spyker cars were a car company based in the Netherlands who produced high powered sports cars since 1999. Perhaps they are most famous for the purchase of Saab motors from General Motors a number of years ago. Sad news coming from the firm today though is that they have closed the doors of the company. Spyker cars are no more. The firm have gone out of business as they were declared bankrupt. Optimism within the company is still high though as founder of the company Victor Muller believes there is a chance that future operations may continue at a later date. The company were in the midst of... - Read more