January 31, 2014
In some car industry news today coming directly out of the American car manufacturing company known as Cadillac we are excited that their latest vehicle which comes in the form of the CTS, is about to go on sale over in the States and has a very high possibility that the model may also launch over here in the United Kingdom aswell. Over the years many American owned brands have come over here and made a a big name for themselves in both the new and used car industry with some of these brands including the likes of, Ford,Chevrolet and now possibly Cadillac. It would indeed make history if th... - Read more
January 31, 2014
BMW takes the spotlight in terms of breaking news today, the German car manufacturing brand have officially announced that their ever growing vehicle the 4 series model, which has proven to be a great seller for the brand and one of the more popular choices of vehicle, will indeed be set to receive an all new set of upgrades and tweaks throughout the duration of this year in order to try and help keep the model fresh and updated, and therefore to try and enhance sales figures on this specific vehicle even more. The main changes to this all new upgraded model comes in the form of, interior w... - Read more
January 30, 2014
In some exciting news today heading directly out of the,car manufacturing team known as Vauxhall, we are pleased to report on the news that the Geneva motor show will be the spotlight for the brand as they officially pull the curtain off of the all new Vauxhall Astra Extreme, and it is officially revealed for the first time to general public and media alike ahead of the vehicles official launch. The word that is circulating is that, this vehicle will be the fastest ever Astra model on our streets whilst remaining street legal at the same time. The vehicle itself is as of yet to go into prod... - Read more
January 30, 2014
Mitsubishi have always been a big selling brand around the world, with such SUV models such as the likes of, the warrior and the Animal amongst many others, and the company look to continue much of the same in the upcoming future aswell with the debut of the all new, Outlander EV vehicle that will be set to make its official debut throughout March of this year but, the company are hoping this all new Outlander model will prove to be just as big and popular as the previously released ASX 4 vehicle that has been officially launched by the brand around the world, and is proving to be a great a... - Read more
January 29, 2014
In news today coming out of the Japanese car manufacturer Toyota, the latest in EV technology which comes in the shape and form of the Prius plug in model, could be all set to be the benchmark in Electronic car technology for the future and could be the desired vehicle to be in our future new and used car industry. Electronic vehicles are very much a glimpse into the future right now and we see this coming from many different brands from the likes of BMW with their all new i3 model and the likes of Nissan with the Leaf but, perhaps none finer than Toyota.   What went into the T... - Read more
January 28, 2014
Some exciting news has broken out today regarding a brand new face lifted and revamped edition of the ever so successful Polo model that has come directly from the German car manufacturers known as Volkswagen. The brand officially announced as of today that the latest model from the brand will see a few new upgraded and finely tuned extras put into place during the manufacturing process which will help improve all aspects of the vehicle such as looks.design and more importantly than anything its engine sizes and power capabilities.   So what has been done to the re designed Pol... - Read more
January 27, 2014
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } New Car List for 2014   We at Easy Gap pride ourselves on being both informative and accurate on all automotive news and Gap Insurance industry news and today is no different. We have already informed you of the new Audi TT model set to take the UK Car Market by storm in 2014 and will be introducing a whole host of models.   Audi owners Volkswagen plan on entering the market with yet another Golf badged model as the new Volkswagen Golf R model looks set to top the Golf range and join the UK Car Market in March. The new Golf R model w... - Read more
January 24, 2014
In some news today coming directly out of the global car industry and South Korean car company Ssangyong, we are pleased to report on the latest news that has broke out regarding the popular, Korando sports vehicle from the brand receiving a brand new set of upgrades and performance tweaks this year could potentially put the company on the map as one of the finest automobile designers throughout the global car consuming market, and even bring them up to the standards of rival Korean brand Kia.   Ssanyong are the fourth best leading car maker in Korea at the moment, but if this ... - Read more
January 23, 2014
In some news today coming directly out of the German car manufacturing company known as Mercedes, we are pleased to report on the latest news that has broken out regarding the sighting of the all new, Mercedes C Class model has been spotted out and about testing in, Scandinavia ahead of it's official release at the Geneva motor show in March of this year, although the car was rumored to have the curtain removed at the Detroit motor show a couple of weeks ago now, but proved not to be the case, belief is strong that Geneva will be the official time though. Everything we know so far r... - Read more
January 23, 2014
In some car news today coming directly out of the German car manufacturing company known as Volkswagen, we are pleased to report on the latest news regarding the brands popular selling model the Golf R, which has proven over the course of it's duration here in the UK and other various parts of the world, to be a terrific vehicle and in general, a good all round vehicle. With the news regarding a Volkswagen Golf R,Evo model set to be unveiled this year in April over in Bejing, the Golf R may sell even more vehicles now than what it has been doing, on the run up to the new addition's ... - Read more