March 29, 2013
The New Hyundai HND-9   The New Luxury Sports Coupe concept will offer something different in the way of GT levels rather than a focus on sporting flavour. In terms of size and weight of the model in question the new Hyundai HND-9 is supposed to be just smaller than the Jaguar XK and of a similar shape and hopefully similar performance levels.   The HND-9 will be labelled as a GT model but will hopefully be able to achieve a similar sort of speed and performance figures to that of the average sports car. The HND-9 will be a rear wheel drive model and will offer a t... - Read more
March 28, 2013
The New Nissan Leaf Enters Production   Nissan have recently announced that the Nissan Sunderland Plant has started to build the new Nissan Leaf. The new development of the Nissan Leaf model has supported a total of 2,000 jobs within different departments in the UK and 500 of them were directly employed for the Sunderland plant.   Nissan have been labelled as the technological trend setter in the motor industry having seen off the previous technological advances made by Volkswagen. The New Nissan Leaf is said to be the most technologically advanced model produced u... - Read more
March 27, 2013
The All New Subaru WRX   The New York Motor Show was set to reveal a whole host of models with the Subaru WRX to be one of them. However, high quality illustrations have been released by a certain French online blogger. The illustrations display a Subaru WRX that we would expect, with the square shaped front grille and a bonnet scoop which we have previously seen on the top of the roof.   We have recently seen the Subaru WRX models near extinction within the UK, after the firm planned to discontinue the models within the UK back in December 2012. It is thought that... - Read more
March 26, 2013
Renault abandons Luxury brand plans   Renault have seen a significant amount of success with the budget branded Dacia brand and planned on going in the opposite direction with a new luxury brand. Renault planned on starting up a new luxury brand with the Initiale Paris as the name. It would have been a range of models based on the Mercedes E Class platform and would have been priced in the region of £40,000.   Renault have insisted that the brand may be brought to life sometime in the future as they will assess figures and facts again next year to decide whet... - Read more
March 25, 2013
Figures for Road Deaths Fell Across Europe   It has recently been announced that road death figures have fallen on figures that were released at the same point last year. The UK is now the second lowest for road death figures in Europe with Malta being the lowest. The released figures show that last year was the lowest accident figures in Europe since records first began.   The EU listed a target of cutting road deaths by a half by the year of 2020 compared to the figures that were released in 2010. 2012 has now been labelled as the landmark year for road safety wi... - Read more
March 25, 2013
Recent figures have been released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and traders that show that car production in the United Kingdom was slightly lower this year compared to 2012. Though, car production so far this year has shown a slight increase and a far higher demand for vehicles in the United Kingdom.  137,458 cars were produced in Britain in February, which was down 0.7% on the figures from 2012 of 138,483. Given that these figures from last year were 26% greater than in February 2011 to maintain similar production levels is definitely encouraging. Of all of the cars that were... - Read more
March 22, 2013
The dramatic Urus SUV model from Lamborghini is on track to arrive for production form for late 2016, Rupert Stadler, the boss of Audi has stated. At a recent Lamborghini annual presss conference, he exclaimed that the Lamborghini Urus model should be signed off later this year. He went on to say that Lamborghini have to do it, due to the need to dovetail into production cycles, the Urus model should be seen in 2017. At the Audi brand group conference, where CEO of Lamborghini Stephan Winkleman made much of the future of Lamborghini and Audi models using lightweight technology, the Urus model ... - Read more
March 22, 2013
Renault Announce Next Gen Twingo   Renault have announced the unveiling of the all new Renault Twingo concept car for the 8th of April. Renault have been fairly secretive about the new Twingo model as they look to surprise the motorists and the competitors in the way of design and performance.   Within the last 12 months we have seen the importance of keeping a design secretive as both the Nissan Juke and the Qashqai had no one to rival them when they entered markets such as the UK. The Nissan models have since endured a fine term of success but expect it to be cut... - Read more
March 21, 2013
Which? Advice on the Toyota Aygo 2012   The consumer advice based company Which? Last year advised motorists to steer clear of the Toyota Aygo 2012 facelifted edition after Toyota announced that they had deleted the ESC electronic stability control option.   Which? Has since labelled the car as a Don't Buy rather than a best buy because of the invoice price and the lack of the safety feature in question. It seems that Toyota tried to cut down on costs by not including side airbags and the ESC system on the new Aygo in order to have the ability to reduce the inv... - Read more
March 21, 2013
George Osborne, delivered his 2013 Budget statement yesterday and the good news for drivers is that the 1.89p pet litre fuel duty hike has been scrapped.  The increase was due to be taking place from September 1st but has actually been cancelled altogether. Instead, the fuel duty rates will remain at 57.95 ppl until September of next year. This is a decision that is likely to cost the Treasury around £1 Billion in lost revenue throughout the next year.  This news comes as rather welcome relief to motorists in Britain, who have got used to petrol prices soaring as much as ... - Read more