November 28, 2014
Today the UK has been benefiting from great discounts on products of all natures. We have seen price reductions in thing such as televisions, video games and other products. This is all a part of an American craze that has found its way in the UK known as 'Black Friday.Were here in the UK will also celebrate some great online deals on Monday thanks to the issuing of the day known as 'Cyber Monday'. Today though we have taken some of these great price discounts into consideration and taken a look into the car industry where we have came across some of the biggest and best deals o... - Read more
November 27, 2014
Renault have today announced two brand new changes that will be finding their way as a part of the Kangoo and Zoey vehicles. Both of these cars have proven to be two of the biggest selling electronic cars on the market and they are extremely close to reaching a fifty percent rise this year compared to sales of last year. Renault have confirmed that rather than taking out batteries on the car on a lease, they will now offer batteries for both vehicles for a single payment. Zoe and Kangoo models in the future will be badged with the letter I which will show that the vehicle carries a one off ... - Read more
November 25, 2014
The Suzuki firm have solidified themselves as one of the biggest Japanese manufacturers in existence today. They have made their presence felt on both the motorcycle market and the car market over the past number of years with recent news at the Milan motorcycle show of a range of new motorbikes set to be launched as a part of their 2015 development plan. It is today however the car side of things that we bring our attention to and the announcement that the company have today made regarding the plans for a total of six brand new models which will go on sale over the course of a three year p... - Read more
November 24, 2014
German auto maker Audi have confirmed that they are all set to bring the addition of an all electric family sized vehicle to our roads in 2017. The vehicle which has not yet received a name has been confirmed to be in the production process right now with an on sale date arriving in three years time. The vehicle will join a long line of electric models on the road such as the Tesla model S and an all electric Ford Focus model too. No specifications and technical information has been revealed for this new model as of yet but information has been confirmed regarding some of the specifics comi... - Read more
November 20, 2014
Over the past number of weeks the motorcycle industry has been raging with excitement over the announcements of some of the latest and greatest in sports bike development. Kawasaki have announced the Ninja H2 being fit for the road next year, Yamaha have announced the launch of a brand new R1 model. Suzuki however have been another motorcycle brand making a name for themselves over the course of the past number of weeks with the announcement of the returning Bandit model and a brand new GSXR 1000 set for a grand launch next year. Today though we are focusing our attention on another announc... - Read more
November 20, 2014
In Los Angeles today the British car firm Jaguar have announced and fully revealed its brand new specifications and range of F Type models set to make their way to our roads from next year. The arrival of a four wheel drive F Type was announced a number of weeks ago by the British firm and today our first official glimpse of these vehicles has arrived. The F type for next year is looking better than ever in our opinion and it has received a range of brand new updates that could very well put it high up in the top spots on the car market next year and even keep buyers away from German firm M... - Read more
November 18, 2014
Japanese motorcycle designer Kawasaki have officially placed their brand new Z300 model on sale. The bike is available to purchase here in the UK and across other parts of the world too. This brand new model is representing the future design in which the company are taking the majority of their model line up and it looks great. Using a much more aggressive look and a good strong range of power, the new Z300 is every motorcyclists dream but does it have the ability and the good stand out features for it to become your reality?. The Z series range has proven to be a popular addition for the m... - Read more
November 17, 2014
It is a new sector in the car industry that a range of manufacturers are trying their hand at right now. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been in the news a lot for the car industry with companies such as Toyota with their recently revealed Mirai hydrogen vehicle ahead of going on sale next summer here in the UK. Now though, Korean manufacturer Hyundai are officially the first brand to have their hydrogen vehicle put on sale with the ix35 which has recently had its first set of deliveries made to some customers in the UK already. This officially marks the third generation of the ix35 and pe... - Read more
November 17, 2014
There has been a lot of buzz around the news of a new range of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles going on sale around the car industry as of late. A range of car manufactures have all thrown themselves into the mix with the developments of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and their race to launch a model onto the street before their competition. It now appears though as if Toyota have the upper hand on this sprint to launch an FCV. Firstly the firm have confirmed that their model previously known as the FCV has now officially received the name of the Mirai. The vehicle will go on sale in Japan from to... - Read more
November 14, 2014
Japanese firm Honda have recently revealed the curtain on their brand new RCV machine which has been very much anticipated for the past number of months. Honda are bringing back a retro design style with this brand new addition and this is demonstrated by the bodywork of the bike. It shares a similar design to that of the old RC30 model and comes in a Red and White paint scheme much like the RC30 did. The bike was officially revealed at the Milan motorcycle show in Italy with a concept version revealed and a version for the road also. It was two years ago that the brand confirmed they would... - Read more