September 27, 2013
Spy cars and fixed cameras, that are used to catch people that are parking illegally could be banned by the government in England.   Erin Pickles, who is the Communities Secretary said that he wanted to rain in unfair and over zealous rules.  Car mounted and static cameras have issued over 10,000,000 fines, which totals £301,000,000 just in the past five years.  Councils have said that camera cars and CCTV play a vital role in road safety.    There are 75 councils that have permission currently to use CCTV cameras, or what are called approved devices t... - Read more
September 26, 2013
Texas is big on pretty much anything that is big, so it is a surprising fact that it is a Texan that has recently entered the Guinness World Records book for making the smallest roadworthy car in the world. Maybe this is the answer to the increasingly congested city streets.  The car, measures 126.47cm long, 65.41cm wide and 63.5cm high. Though it is likely that there would still be people out there who had trouble parking the vehicle, despire it's tiny dimensions.  The creator of the miniscule vehicle Austin Coulson, chose the number plate, IM BIG.  The paintwork o... - Read more
September 25, 2013
Pictures of the Seat Leon Cupra R have been spotted across the internet for the first time.  The spy pictures indicate that Seat has kept to it's word in evaluating an all wheel drive 300 brake horsepower Seat Leon CUpra R as the performance flagship model for the brand new Leon line up.  The Leon model would have a highly tuned 300 brake horsepower adaption of the new EA888 engine that is featured in the Volkswagen Golf GTI's that is joined up to an all wheel drive dual clutch DSG gearbox. A 0-62 miles per hour time that is close to 5 seconds has been suggested by sour... - Read more
September 25, 2013
The amount of older people with driving licences has exceeded the four million mark for the first time ever, a recent RAC foundation report has revealed.  Recent data has showed that there are 4,018,900 men and women that are 70 or over who have a full driving licence in Britain, the motor research charity even predicted that this number is likely to rise even further than this. The prediction has also been backed by the government, which has said that of the citizens in the United Kingdom who are alive today, about 10,000,000 will reach their 100th birthday. Currently, 191 people who ... - Read more
September 24, 2013
The BMW X5 SUV, 3 Series Touring and 4 Series Coupe are all to get new trim updates and engines. The ranges will be getting a whole host of changes from November of this year, according to BMW.  There will be new engines available for the X5 models, whilst the 3 and 4 Series will see BMW's xDrive all-wheel system and a new trim level introduced.  The flagship 313 brake horsepower 43d Coupe will be available as standard now with the xDrive all wheel drive system, whilst the 420i and 430d Coupe will have the xDrive system available as an optional extra.  The 3 Series ... - Read more
September 23, 2013
The first details and pictures of the Peugeot 308 GTI have been released across the internet whilst the car was spotted being tested in France.  The 308 R was showcased earlier this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was designed originally to take on the Volkswagen Gold GTI, though whilst the car was more of a fantasy, the company did preview a hotter version of the 308, which is more family friendly, which equals the 308 GTI.  There is a more aggressive bumper at the front of the vehicle, with air intakes that have been revise, along with a lower ride height, which indicat... - Read more
September 21, 2013
Everybody knows that London is the most expensive place to live in our Country, it is probably the home to more millionaire's than any other City Worldwide. To highlight further, the increasing extravagant status of our Capital, it has been found that it is actually the most expensive place on the globe, to park your car aswell..  Recent research has been fathered that revealed that drivers who visit the City are paying out around £709 per month to park in the City Centre. The West end is likely to cost around £19 a day and Westminster could cost ... - Read more
September 19, 2013
If you haven't got your copy of the brand new Grand Theft Auto installment, then it is probably safe to say that you will be waiting a while for it, supermarkets, Game stores and pretty much anywhere else you can buy the game were sold out in a matter of hours when it was released at midnight on Tuesday.  Grand Theft Auto V actually delivered the largest first day retail sales of any Take-Two interactive Software (The parent company of GTA's developer, Rockstar) title. Stores across the United Kingdom opened at Midnight last Tuesday for an exclusive launch of the very widely... - Read more
September 19, 2013
A new bad driving bevahiour study, investigated how road users engage in road rage and how this causes them to react, it found that men and women actually react in different ways.   Women drivers were actually found to be more likely to flip of swear at fellow drivers than male drivers. Though men are no angels either, as they were found to be twice as likely as the fairer sex to flash their high beams at offending drivers or to key another vehicle.  A psychology professor at the University of Hawaii, Leon James exclaimed that drivers are far more likely to express aggressive b... - Read more
September 19, 2013
The New Renault Twingo   There has been a number of images released online that seem to display a testing Renault Twingo in is full bodied prototype design. The new Renault Twingo is said to be eagerly awaited as it is going to be both a rear engined and a read wheel drive model.   The new Renault Twingo model is also set to be built on the same platform to that of the Smart models at Mercedes. All the engines and models will be built in the same factory in Slovenia along with the new transmissions.   The Renault Twingo model will have the same full si... - Read more