September 30, 2016
Easy Gap brings you the best of the motoring headlines today..................... Firstly news confirmed by AM Online sees Peugeot actively discouraging the practice of their dealers 'pre-registering' vehicles to boost new cars sales. The age-old practice is used by dealers to reach their new car registration targets but the French manufacturer sees it as a factor that may erode residual values of their used vehicles.  Autocar says that Sat Nav giant Tom Tom has sealed a deal with Parkopedia to bring parking information for drivers in Birmingham and London. Details of the... - Read more
September 29, 2016
All the latest Motoring headlines brought to you from Easy Gap.............. First up today is highlighting a report in AM Online that has announced the new Audi Q5 has been revealed ahead of the Paris Motor Show. The new Audi model will go on sale next Spring. Autocar has revealed full details on the new Hyundai i30, confirming the new model will feature three petrol and on diesel unit, and will arrive in early 2017. AM Online has confirmed that Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn has reportedly said he wants compensation for any costs resulting in Brexit before the Japanese manufacturer com... - Read more
September 29, 2016
In the motoring headlines today......... AutoExpress begin today's round up with a report stating that Peugeot Citroen has launched the new Free2Move brand aimed at providing sustainable, smart, safe and shared mobility solutions. The National Tyre Distributors have raised concerns again regarding the sale of part worn tyres in the UK, and calls for the outright ban of the practice on safety grounds. - AM Online Autocar has revealed that the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Peugeot 3008 score top marks in Euro NCAP tests Finally, AutoExpress brings us news that the next generatio... - Read more
September 27, 2016
Easy Gap is pleased to bring you the latest motoring headlines on 27th September 2016. Firstly Autocar brings us a report of the sad demise of the Ford Ka. Described as a 'giant' and a founding member of the 'supermini' vehicle class, the value busting Ka has been a popular choice for motorists since the 1990's. The replacement for the Ka, the Ka+ is a bigger model so not perhaps a direct replacement at all. A sad end for a very popular vehicle. Motortrader Magazine has released details on a new Government consultation on vehicle mileage 'clocking. The age-old tri... - Read more
September 26, 2016
After our weekend break, we are back to bring you the best of the motoring headlines on 26th September 2016. Firstly, a survey of nearly 21,000 motorists by the AA has revealed that 8 out of 10 believe the removal of hard shoulders on motorways is increasing the danger caused by breakdowns. Autoexpress has a report on the very latest all-new Ford Fiesta ST model. The new incarnation of the ever popular Ford stalwart comes in a more practical 5 door version with prices starting at £18,495. The latest revelation in the VW 'dieselgate' scandal comes from a new report in Aut... - Read more
September 23, 2016
All the latest motoring news brought to you by Easy Gap on 23rd September 2016 Firstly the sad news that the MG brand models will cease to be produced in the UK. The iconic British brand, owned by Chinese automotive giants SAIC, has been building vehicles at the Longbridge plant in recent years, but the parent company has now announced production will switch to China. - Autocar AutoExpress have released details of the updated Kia Soul that will feature a new engine providing over 200bhp. That will be a quick car! Volkswagen will look to fix cars affected by the emissions scandal by th... - Read more
September 22, 2016
Easy Gap brings you the best of the headlines from the motoring world on 22nd September 2016. Firstly the big news that UK car manufacturing hit a 14 year high in August 2016 with nearly 110,000 vehicles leaving the production line, representing more than a 9% increase from August 2015. - Following a long running story Autocar has revealed that Audi are being dragged deeper into the 'dieselgate' VW emissions scandal with Audi engineers more heavily implicated into the use of the 'cheat' software used to manipulate VW emissions figures. AutoExpress a... - Read more
September 21, 2016
Easy Gap brings you the best of the motoring headlines for 21st September 2016. Firstly it has been reported that tech giant Apple has been in talks to purchase supercar manufacturer McLaren 'for months'. However, a spokesperson for the car manufacturer has denied any talks of extra investment with Apple has taken place. - Autocar A survey by has concluded that Brexit has had little influence on car buying in the UK. Whether that remains the case in the future remains to be seen but the showrooms still show steady footfall despite the uncertainty surrounding the UK... - Read more
September 20, 2016
What are the motoring news headlines for 20th September 2016? Easy Gap brings the best from the latest headlines....... Firstly the September new '66' reg has brought thousands of people into car showrooms, however, Cap HPI have stated that 21% of the registrations in this month will come in the form of 'pre-registrations'. - AM Online Autocar reviews the all new Kia Niro hybrid According to a report in AutoExpress Tesla have been forced to perform a software update to the Model S as Chinese hackers gained control of vehicle brakes and doors. And finally, Motor... - Read more
September 19, 2016
After a well earned weekend break, Easy Gap are pleased to bring you the motoring headlines today.................... After much conjecture in the press recently, Autocar is reporting that drivings who use their mobile phone behind the wheel now face up to £200 fines as well as a 6 point penalty on their license. This comes after the RAC recently reported an alarming increase of mobile use by drivers on the UK roads. A poll undertaken by AutoExpress concludes that part exchange is still the most popular way to sell your car. The rise in car buying services may be on the increase ... - Read more