February 7, 2013
2012 saw a year of huge growth for Aequitas Automotive, the company behind Easy Gap. The company saw itself cement a position at the top of the independent Gap Insurance providers in the UK. In February we were proud to see that Aequitas Automotive were the only UK company to have two independent brands featured in the Which Gap Insurance report. The sales generated in 2012 saw an increase of over 300% on the previous year, a result that we are extremely proud of. In November 2012 we saw the Easy Gap policies change underwriting insurer, and now any policy bought will be underwritten by UK ... - Read more
February 7, 2013
As manufacturers pushed the promotion of new models and special discounts, the motorists in the UK took the bait and decided to purchase a new car. There was a 15.9% increase in the number of private registrations this month, resulting in the 11th consecutive rise in registrations. Already in January, we have seen just over 143,643 cars sold which is a massive increase on the same time last year. It seems that the petrol cars have benefited from the increase as their share of the market has increased 3% from 44.7% to 47.7%. Diesel engines have therefore felt the increase of the petro... - Read more
February 6, 2013
Cars running on electric alone will not make it at a mainstream level, according to the former boss at Volvo Stefan Jacoby. He believes that the electric vehicle range of which includes the Nissan Leaf will only thrive and really take off in the more niche areas of society.   However, Britain may well be that niche market, as sales are expected to double previous figures in 2013. Numbers are expected to grow from the 3,000 sold last year to approximately 6,000 this year. As the price of electric cars begin to fall the market will continue to grow surely.   The majo... - Read more
February 6, 2013
Electric car charging points are being installed on Scotland's roads due to a scheme by the government to cut down on vehicle emissions. SSE the energy firm have also offered Scottish householders the opportunity of having the electric charging systems installed at their homes for free. This plan will ensure that electricthat you  shall never be any more than fifty miles from an electric charging point whilst on the Scottish Trunk roads. Car parks, ferry terminals and Leisure centres are also said to have charging points installed. The entire details will be revealed at a later dat... - Read more
February 5, 2013
The all new Jeep branded vehicle is to be created by Fiat Chrysler and launched in March. It will be built to rival the Land Rover Freelander, Nissan X Trail and the Honda CRV. This will be the first Jeep branded product to be built in the hands of Fiat and is a prospect that excites the majority in the motor trade industry.   The new Jeep model will be based on the current Compact Wide platform at Fiat. The new Jeep will be a four wheel drive car fitted with the V6 petrol engine already available to the Fiat platform. The new Jeep will be a landmark vehicle for the company as ... - Read more
February 4, 2013
A council in Ireland have believe it or not passed a motion on the 21st of January that allows permits to be handed out to particular people so that they are able to drive home legally drunk. The new law will allow people with permits to be able to drive home with a higher concentration in their blood than is usually legally allowed.  If Ireland's Department of Justice approves the law then police in Kerry County which is in Southwest Ireland will be able to hand out these permits to residents of the rural area so that they are allowed to drive home after no more than three pi... - Read more
February 4, 2013
Toyota have been planning a new GT convertible for some time now, and this week has seen the announcement of a preview car to be displayed at the up and coming Geneva Motor Show. The new concept car will be part of the GT range if it were to be put into production in the future.   The concept car will be called the FT-86 open at the show and the Japanese firm will be looking to achieve as much interest in the vehicle as they possibly can. The original Toyota GT86 has also been sold under the name of fellow Japanese car producer Lexus, with the model being named the LFA. &nb... - Read more
February 1, 2013
The Award for the World Car of the Year was only founded as recently as 2005 and has grown to one of the most prestigious awards in the motor industry. Like most other car awards, the award will be chosen by a panel of journalists who are from the motoring background or continue to write about the motor trade. There will be a massive 48 journalists from 22 different countries.   The motor trade industry is a global affair these years as the availability of cars and prestigious ones of that continue to grow. Car Magazines and online blogs announce their own winners and there opi... - Read more
January 31, 2013
The new Ferrari is expected to be unveiled sometime this week and the Italian firm has announced that the model will be called the F138. The name is apparently linked to the current year of which the model will compete in and the number of cylinders it has in the engine of the car.   The Italian outfit will have thought as little about the name of the car as the name may suggest, as what matters to them is how the car performs and how can it improve as the start of the season nears. Number one driver and runner up in the previous two drivers championships Fernando Alonso, is be... - Read more
January 30, 2013
Mazda to make a profit for the first time in five years!   Mazda's chief operating officer in Europe has predicted a profit for the Japanese company which will be the firms first profit in just over 5 years. Despite the current conditions in the European economy demand for the Mazda range has been consistent and has somewhat increased.   The current conditions in the European car market has forced the hand of the majority of the worlds largest manufacturers in terms of increasing prices. Although, Mazda increased the set invoice prices of their models, they sta... - Read more