December 1, 2012
It has previously been known that young female drivers have been quoted less expensive insurance premiums than young male drivers, but this is about to change. The ban on the difference of prices between the two sexes comes into place on the 21st December 2012 after a European ruling found that a discrimination of gender within insurance was illegal. It has been reported by Insurance brokers that rises of up to 40% will take place this month compared to last month. The new European ruling ensures that women will also pay more for other insurance types such as life assurance. Insurer... - Read more
November 30, 2012
At a Ceremony held at the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, the Ford Fusion 2013 was named Green Car Journal's Green car of the year. The fusion comes in five variations which include two which have ecoboost turbocharging technology, a hybrid version and a plug in hybrid. Some of the other Green car finalists included Dodge's 2013 Dart Aero, The Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv, Totota's Prius C and Ford's other green motor, the C-Max. The editor of The Green Car Journal, Ron Cogan exclaimed that the Tesla S electric vehicle wasn't included in the consideration of the ultimate gre... - Read more
November 30, 2012
Toyota plan to capitise on the made in Britain aspect of car production. Toyota new cars for the Europen market made in Europe! In this Jubeliee and Olympic year it has never been more envouge to buy British. In fact the great British public have long had a hertigae of car making and are beomming more and more aware of the need to buy british and support British emploment. A spokes person for Toyota is reported to have said There is a growing awareness among customers that we build cars in the UK, and that's something we are going to make more of in the future,"  ... - Read more
November 28, 2012
 A 35 Year old man, driving near Saarbruecken, who had originally been pulled over for driving at 130kph in an 100kph zone whilst passing a truck, was then found to have set up his very own mobile office in his car. Forget transforming the box room, it appears that some Germans have completely different ideas. In the mobile office, which had been set up on his passenger seat consisted of a Laptop which was on a docking station, tilted in his direction to allow for him to see it easier whilst he was driving. There was also a printed attached, a wireless internet stick, router, WLAN antenna... - Read more
November 26, 2012
Tips for driving in floods With a blanket of torrential rain covering the UK in the upcoming weeks, you may be questioning your driving ability and safety for not only yourself but those closest to you. We have prepared some useful tips to improve your safety in such conditions. Drivers of 4x4 cars may believe they are immune from the dangers of deep puddles and standing water on the road due to their height and traction, however, if they are not driven in the correct way they too will fall victim to the floods. Top Tip: Plan Your Journey The Highway Agency and Met Office off... - Read more
November 26, 2012
We all know someone who has had either their car broken into or stolen. I in fact know someone who had their car window smashed just because they left their cigarettes on the dashboard and thieves walking past obviously wanted them, they were the only thing taken. Something as trivial as this could literally be the difference between your car getting broken into or not. It is important to always secure your belongings, no car is really safe. Most Stolen Cars in the UK 2012 This is a list of the most recently documented most frequently stolen vehicles in the UK. So watch out if you ha... - Read more
November 22, 2012
Welcome to the new look Easy Gap website! Our new online facility now has new look, a new logo, new features, upgraded security and increase user experience (we hope). Our site upgrades have given Easy Gap a whole new feel, as well as providing a vast array of new information specific to the world of Gap Insurance.                                        The investment by our company, Aequitas Automotive Lt... - Read more
November 21, 2012
Turmoil at Toyota   Steering wheel and water pump system failures have forced Toyota to issue a recall for a massive 75,000 vehicles in the UK and a massive 2.7 million vehicles worldwide.   The steering failure is said to be affecting the Avensis and Corolla models that were produced in the period between July 2001 and March 2009. The issue of steering has been recently highlighted with reportedly several cars having lost steering after owning their vehicle for a certain amount of time.   The issue of the water pump problem has only occurred in the Pr... - Read more
November 21, 2012
Parents all over the UK will be shocked to the very core on learning that Britain's Youngest Disqualified drivers, are actually not even past the 17 Years they should be to even start their Driving Lessons. Thousands of Children over the past few years, according to Government Figures have been banned from driving, before they have even had the opportunity to obtain a licence.   Since 2009 5 11Year old children have been banned from driving, three of them for actually stealing a car and driving dangerously and causing damage or injury to people or property. This really is a s... - Read more
November 20, 2012
Ford have been featured in the top 100 Apprentice Employers list, which is put together by the National Apprenticeship Service, for the second year in a row. The list was produced last week and highlights the 100 top Employers who have taken on Apprenticeships throughout the Year. Amongst the other Employers on the list were the other prestigious employers Rolls Royce, BT, The Royal Navy and Siemens. Ford are extremely proud to be mentioned for the second year running, amongst such other fantastic businesses. In the past five years, out of 2,000 apprenticeships, 70% still remain employe... - Read more