November 20, 2016
Motoring Headlines for 18th October 2016 from Easy Gap First story today comes from Autocar who state that following the VW emissions scandal that the company will be looking to lose 30,000 jobs amongst its workforce. have announced that Vauxhall are going to build a Qashqai rivalling SUV and a new Insignia model. Autocar confirm that the Jaguar I-Pace electric battery vehicle is to be built at Magna in Austria. Finally the Telegraph brings us a story to confirm how the evolution of seat belts continues to s... - Read more
November 17, 2016
Motoring headlines for 17th November 2016 brought to you by Easy Gap First up this Thursday comes a story from AM Online who reveal that the third quarter of 2016 has seen a record period for used car sales in the UK. Compared to the same period of 2015 nearly 157,000 more used cars were sold this year. Autocar brings a review on one of the most eagerly awaited new models of 2016, the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2d Super.  The Telegraph review the LA Motor Show 2016 for us, highlighting some fantastic new models including the ... - Read more
November 16, 2016
Motoring headlines for Wednesday 16th November 2016 First up today comes a report from Autocar that has revealed the Mercedes-Benz will introduce the limited run Mercedes-Maybach S65 cabriolet into the UK in the second quarter of 2017. Fancy one? Well, you will need much more than the current £193,500 required to buy a Mercedes-Benz AMG S650 which features the same V12 engine powerplant. reveals that industry body SMMT believes that the new car market will dip in the UK in 2017 and 2018. AM Online h... - Read more
November 15, 2016
Easy Gap brings you the motoring headlines for 15th November 2016 The most popular story today comes with the news that the new Jaguar I-Pace electric SUV has been revealed. Autocar carries a full report plus provides some exclusive images of the new vehicle. reveal that Vauxhall is providing a new 'scrappage' deal with up to £2000 available for trade-in against new Vauxhall models sold until the end of 2016. According to AM Online consumers no longer believe that new vehicle registration plates a... - Read more
November 14, 2016
Easy Gap Daily Motoring News for 14th November 2016 First up today comes a review of the 2017 Skoda Kodiaq from AutoCar. The long awaited 7 seater is due to hit the showrooms next year and will be a direct equivalent to the VW Tiguan, Seat Altea and Audi Q2 from the same VW Audi Group. AM Online confirm that figures from BCA show that the average price of a used vehicle grew by £215 in October. AutoExpress reveal that Lexus plan to sell a 'fuel cell' car by 2020. Finally, AutoCar reveals that some Audi autom... - Read more
November 11, 2016
Easy Gap brings the best of the motoring headlines for 11th November 2016 First from our Friday roundup comes a story from Autocar detailing the announcement that manufacturer Alfa Romeo aims to have 9 new cars in the marketplace by 2021. AutoExpress bring us a story about the £45 million sale of a Ferrari GTO which is reported to be the most expensive car purchase ever. Autocar reveals that Lexus have increased model prices across the range, with some vehicles seeing as much as a £1500 increase. Moto... - Read more
November 10, 2016
Easy Gap daily Motoring News 10th November 2016 Dominating the motoring headlines today are a number of reports providing details on the updated 2017 Volkswagen Golf. The Telegraph bring you a full run down on the 2017 VW Golf model range. The latest incarnation of the German manufacturer's most iconic model will, no doubt, provide as popular as ever when it hits the UK Volkswagen Showrooms new year. Autocar has confirmed that Audi intends to expand its 'Audi Sport' RS range with double the models available in 2018 t... - Read more
November 9, 2016
Motoring headlines for 9th November 2016 from EasyGap You may be forgiven for thinking the only story in the world today was the victory for Donald Trump in the US Presidential Elections, but the world of cars does not stop even for Donald and Hilary! First of the headlines today comes from Autocar who bring us pictures of the 2017 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The German manufacturers ever popular model is sure to be a hit when it comes to the showrooms next year. AutoExpress report that Tesla is hinting at a UK base after a German ac... - Read more
November 8, 2016
Motoring headlines for 8th November 2016 from EasyGap Our first story today comes from AM Online who carry a story citing WhatCar? as claiming that PCP Finance deals are seeing customers lured into new deals with an 'embarrassing' shortfall of cash. The Telegraph bring us a seasonal report with advice on how to drive safely in snow and ice. Not leaving home might be the best tip! AM Online has revealed that Evolution Funding has been named Car Finance Broker of the Year for the second consecutive year. Autocar has r... - Read more
November 7, 2016
Main motoring headlines for 7th November 2016 from Easy Gap Our first story today comes from Autocar who confirm that the new Vauxhall SUV will be called the Crossland X and will be one of 5 new model for the manufacturer in 2017. AutoExpress bring us the remarkable story of the new record set at the German Nurburgring where a Mini Cooper has set a new lap record on just two wheels! Next up comes the result for the Autocar who have revealed the Best Drivers Car in the UK is the Porsche 911 R. Finally, the guys over at Aut... - Read more