August 14, 2014
There are many different variants of car available on the market today. Vehicles from sports cars to SUV models right the way up to city cars. There are many vehicles on offer around the world from manufacturers which are perfect for the whole family and also pack some decent power. There are various types of family vehicle which include smaller models and larger vehicles. The average length of a large family vehicle for the 90's usually came in around 4.50 meters but now they have grown larger to a size of around 4.80 meters. Some of the most recognisable larger family vehicles include... - Read more
August 13, 2014
Today here at Easy gap we are taking a look into some of the very best value for money SUV models available on the car market right now. The SUV range from various manufacturers has certainly seen an increase in production over the course of the past few years. Companies such as the Japanese firm Nissan have seen much success with the Qashqai and the Juke where as manufacturers like Toyota have made an impact with the Rav4. The history of the SUV model can be traced back to when vehicle production begun. It was during a run in the 1990's that SUV models become more and more popular... - Read more
August 11, 2014
The 6 series from German company BMW has proven to be a good purchase for many owners around the world. The very first 6 series model was launched on our streets in 2003 and had a strong showing up to 2011 when the second generation model was introduced to the world. We are now three years down the line from the launch of the 6 series and BMW have thought it may be time to give the car a new facelift to help keep the line up selling. A new set of interior features and minor changes to the look and design of the car have been confirmed to come as the main changes. In terms of when this updat... - Read more
August 5, 2014
The MT 07 model from Japanese manufacturer Yamaha has been given a five star rating from the Motorcycle News and owners alike. This bike was originally introduced to the world earlier on this year and it still benefiting from as much success now as it was back when it first launched. Yamaha have been producing motorcycles for many years which have gone on to top the charts around the world so there is no doubt in our minds that they know what it is that goes into a good all round performer. The brand are famous for the R1 and the R6 which are two of the sports bike world's keen sellers.... - Read more
August 5, 2014
One of Toyota's finest sports cars ever made will be all set to return to European markets soon and it has been revealed that the car will benefit from BMW hybrid technology. The vehicle will return as a plug in hybrid and it will receive underpinnings from BMW. From the image that we have seen of the car, it will adopt the styling designs from the FT-1 which has a narrow body design which is designed in order to help the car out when it comes to aero dynamics and agility. Toyota are most well known for city cars and SUV models. This has been demonstrated in the past by additions such a... - Read more
August 5, 2014
The Korean brand Kia have revealed an all new sketched image of the interior of the third generation Sorento model. Although not a lot of detail can be registered from the image, it does show a rough idea of what you can expect to receive if you make the purchase on this car. The Sorento is one of the manufacturers finest cars to ever go on sale and has certainly proven to be successful all over the world. Earlier on images of the exterior of the car were also released. As far as the interior of the car is concerned, Kia have stated that “high quality,soft touch materials and a range ... - Read more
August 4, 2014
The Japanese motorbike company Kawasaki are one of the finest manufacturers when it comes down to the world wide motorbike market. We have seen them have much success in the past and make it to the top with much thanks going to the likes of the Ninja line up from the brand and the ZZR 1400 model. Today though we look into the ER 6N model for 2014 which comes in more of the form of a tourer motorbike. The bike shares a similar sort of look to that of some Triumph models on offer. The front end mostly reminds us of the Speed Triple bike. Over the years Kawasaki have gone toe to toe with other... - Read more
August 4, 2014
From the dates of 14th to the 17th of this month, the Pebble Beach Automotive weekend will occur in the United States. The event is looked forward to by millions from around the world each year but this year will be extra special without a doubt. The reason behind this is that the all new Range Rover Sport SVR model will be officially revealed to the public there in the flesh. The new SVR is breaking records already. It has been said to be the fastest ever Range Rover Sport model to go on sale and this has been proven over the past few weeks as this car broke the SUV lap record at the well ... - Read more
August 4, 2014
Today we take a look into the motorbike world and one of this years finest models to be released around the world... the YFZ R1 from Japanese manufacturer Yamaha. The Yamaha brand were founded back in 1887 and have been one of the worlds best motorbike dealers for quite some time. They have gone head to head in the past with other big manufacturers such as Honda and Suzuki amongst many others. The majority of the companies success has come from bikes like the Trio and the R6, perhaps none finer though than the R1. So with a look into this brand new R1 for 2014, can it pack just as much powe... - Read more
August 1, 2014
In some of the latest vehicle recall news today regarding the South Korean car manufacturing company Hyundai, the manufacturer are recalling a total of 883,000 Sonata Sedan models due to transmission problems. The manufacturer will recall these vehicles from the US and Puerto Rico. The models being recalled affect models that were built from 2011 to 2014. The problem that has been reported with the transmission system is that cars have been reported to roll away when parked up. This information has been reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The transmission cable h... - Read more