December 11, 2012
A woman who is suing her ex-boyfriend, her City and United Airlines has been issued around $100,000 in parking tickets because her $600 car was abandoned in an airport car park, whilst still registered in her name. Jennifer Fitzgerald who is from Chicago claimed that her boyfriend had abandoned her car at the O'Hare airport and had 678 tickets, which totalled $105,761.80, issued to her over the last three years. Fitzgerald however has absolutely no intention of paying them off, she claims that she has never really owned the vehicle, or driven it and her ex-boyfriend Brandon Preveau had jus... - Read more
December 10, 2012
Due to the fact a small number of people of Maryland have been burning, smashing up and shooting speed cameras, the damaged cameras have been replaced and more cameras have been issued to watch the activity around those cameras. It sounds ridiculous we know, what will come of this, in the end will there be 100 cameras just watching cameras to make sure the original camera isn't damaged? To discourage vandals and people who may be considering causing damage, either for fun or to genuinely stop themselves whilst they are speeding past, Palmer Park Md law enforcement had additional ca... - Read more
December 8, 2012
Forget about being given a ticket for speeding, getting extremely angry because you only stopped on double yellows for three minutes, or parking somewhere you shouldn't because you didn't think it would be noticed. A man from Massachusetts was issued a ticket for driving a defective vehicle, after he was run over by none other than his very own truck. Now usually, if you are involved in an accident you could expect the obvious things like compensation, hospital care, sympathy, though in this particular case, Brian Reynolds, was awarded a driving ticket. Whilst driving, Reynolds brak... - Read more
December 8, 2012
What do you think of when you imagine the typical animal rights activists? You can surely enivisage the extremists of the sixties. Think of your own animal, think of your own car, now imagine them driving it. A promotional campaign which has been set up in New Zealand by an animal rights group actually involves teaching dogs how to drive vehicles. The SPCA, which stands for The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is based in New Zealand has actually hired a trainer, with the hope that they will be able to teach three of their rescued dogs how to steer and shift, start, stop... - Read more
December 7, 2012
Investindustrial, the former owners of Italian bike giant Ducati, have purchased a 37.5% stake in Aston Martin. The original purchase price was believed to be somewhere in the region of £150m with an agreement to invest a further £350 in product development over the next 5 years. The owners of Aston Martin, Investment Dar, did previously deny that talks were being held over a deal to sell a share in the British sports car company. The talks were reportedly being held with Indian company Mahindra and Mahindra, who were prepared to offer a greater cash injection. However, the ... - Read more
December 6, 2012
Car sales have been on the rise all year but November has seen the biggest increase in sales compared to previous years with an increase of 11.3%. As figures have suggested this is the best the automotive industry has looked since the beginning of the financial crisis back in 2008. The year has been a ground breaking year having seen a massive 1,921,052 new cars sold in the UK resulting in the UK having the 2nd largest market in Europe, ahead of the home of the majority of mass market manufacturers Germany and France. The best selling car of November was the the Ford Focus, which so... - Read more
December 5, 2012
The major of Paris, France has decided that he would like to ban all cars age 17 years or older from the streets of the city by 2014. Normally people appreciate old classics, especially car lovers but obviously he would like all the cars to be as squeaky and as clean as possible. A bit of a ridiculous request if you ask me. The socialist party major, Bertrans Delanoe proposed before the City Council this November that all “old bangers” as he called them should be banned from the city, for the excuse that it would produce better air around the city and lower noise pollution. ... - Read more
December 5, 2012
Two Policemen from Colorado and civilian heroes rescued a two year old girl and her mother by literally lifting and removing a car from on top of them, after an accident they were involved in. John Kessler, who is a Seargent off-duty, luckily happened to be working on a Walmart across the road working on security.. Along with Matt Brukbacher an on-duty seargent and some civilians, they rescued the mother and daughter in Aurora Colorado on Monday Night. The mother, Kipinga Muanza Kalala who is 37 had been crossing lanes of busy traffic on the street with Angela her daughter and her twin sons... - Read more
December 4, 2012
Now we all know times are hard, money can be tight, especially with the winter creeping in, the high gas prices and of course Christmas. But could you ever find yourself sleeping in your car near work, so that you didn't have to drive home of a night and risk wasting petrol that you believe, you can save? I don't think I could. Recent survey figures from FairFuel UK and the RAC showed that an alleged one in sixteen people had actually slept in their car overnight, while another 3% have admitted to camping near their workplace to save on paying for more petrol. These details ... - Read more
December 3, 2012
Volvo was accredited for being the first manufacture who fitted their new cars with a warning buzzer to indicate if the seat belt was not on. This tiny and now seemly insignificant seat belt buzzer helped shift public ideas, trends and opinions and even government legislation in that now it is illegal to drive on the UK roads without one. So have Volvo the Swedish Giant done it again? Volvo has heavily invested in an attempt to ease the stress's and strains of motor way driving by launching a system that automatically takes controls steers and follows the nest car in front while i... - Read more