December 8, 2014
There have been numerous reports and news stories on TV regarding a potential raise of the drink driving limit in various areas of the United Kingdom and today we can confirm that the first part of the country to enforce these new limits is Scotland. The Scottish parliament have now made it so as 50mg of alcohol within 100ml of blood is now classed as drink driving compared to that of the 80mg of alcohol that it previously was. So far, Scotland are the only area to enforce this rule and it is expected that the same could come into play across of other parts of Europe in the future. Differen... - Read more
December 5, 2014
Motorcycle manufacturer Triumph are preparing for a busy year ahead in 2015 as they are all set to release their brand new adventure motorcycle which comes as the brand new Tiger 800 addition to their range. The Tiger 800 receives a range of brand new features and updates that we think could help the bike stand out and make it something special on the market in the future. A switchable ABS system now comes fitted to the 800 completely standard as do the additions of three riding modes. Cruise control and a finely tuned suspension system also make for a very comfortable riding experience tha... - Read more
December 5, 2014
BMW Motorrad over the years have climbed the ranks on the motorcycle front by leaps and bounds and today it has been reported by the firm that they have just achieved a record number of sales on their motorbike range. The company who are well known for their line up of Tourer models and S range sports bikes,have reported that the total number of sales for the first of eleven months of this year have come in with a figure of 116,463. This means that the sales increase has been boosted by seven percent compared to the rates of sales last year and that is just after eleven months and not the f... - Read more
December 4, 2014
Yesterday the Government officially issued their Autumn statement for 2014. George Osborne officially made the announcements and there were a number of highlights in their which will come into play and affect motorists around the country. There were three big announcements made and the first is in reference to the brand new driverless vehicles which we have heard so much about over the past number of months. Osborne yesterday confirmed that the official testing of these vehicles will shortly begin and thanks to a new consortium which involves car companies Ford and Jaguar-Land Rover these w... - Read more
December 3, 2014
Next year will bring to us one of the biggest steps in the advancements of the motorcycle industry and it will come to us courtesy of Japanese brand Kawasaki. For months the arrival of the brand new H2 addition to the Ninja range was spoken of then just over two months ago the bike was officially revealed for the first time ever displaying a road legal version of the bike and a track version also. The great news continues even now though as the firm have officially confirmed the price tags that will come along with both variations of the bike from the time of launch which is set to occur fr... - Read more
December 2, 2014
We now have a rundown of some of the biggest news stories of the day here at Easy gap and we see five manufacturers represented in total. Today's stories include concept vehicles confirmed for production,new vehicles set to launch in the future, the returning of a vehicle and news regarding a current concept model. We thought that the most exciting in this years vehicle news came from Paris in October and the LA auto show just a number of weeks ago. The excitement continues to flow through though and we have all of the latest biggest stories right here for you all in one place. First up... - Read more
December 1, 2014
Suzuki have recently announced their brand new motorcycle range for the next coming year which includes a new GSXR model and of course the return of the Bandit. Today though we focus our attention to another aspect of the Suzuki range which consists of a 250cc model and is another addition to the firms popular Inazuma family. The bike has been confirmed to make it onto our roads from early on into next year with some specifications for the two wheeled machine also announced. The bike is very slim but does feature a good standard rate of power . Not only that but the machine also receives so... - Read more
December 1, 2014
The news has broken within the last hour that the government are to spend a total of fifteen billion on a brand new scheme which has been put in place to bring a vast amount of much need improvement to road surfaces around the UK. These funds will also contribute to making some motorways wider with extra lanes and the same applies for A roads. The government have said that the £15bn will be spent over the course of the next five years. The A303 at Stonehenge is just one of the bad road areas that will be covered by this government scheme. Other areas such as Liverpool,North East Londo... - Read more