January 22, 2014
In some news today coming directly out of the Italian car manufacturing company known as Fiat, we are pleased to report on the latest news that has recently broke out within the last hour regarding a, 4x4 from the company that has been spotted out and about testing and comes in the form of its full name, 4x4 Antarctica,winter warrior model. In terms of the look and design aspect of the model itself,it shares a very similar sort of layout and sizing technique as that of a smartcar, and the base pictures show the car with a white paint job, with black panels. It has been revealed from the bra... - Read more
January 22, 2014
In terms of truly phenomenal vehicles in todays automotive industry, there are some truly fine models available for purchase out there in this current age. But perhaps none make a better all round model than the German car company Audi, and we see some of their true perfection in the form of the S8 vehicle. In terms of the looks and design of the car itself, we believe that this particular model looks similar to that of the, Nissan Teana model in terms of the body layout, but could also prove to be a good top spot rival for the vehicle also.   The techs,specs,features and gadge... - Read more
January 21, 2014
In an added slice of Skoda news today, it has been announced directly by the brand owners that the Superb model owned by the Czech Republic based brand famous for their Octavia and Fabia vehicles, will receive a much requested upgrade in terms of looks and a few other features mid way through next year. The Superb vehicle range has always been said to be a great vehicle available to customers in terms of technical abilities, but when the look and design aspect comes in to play, many customers and want to be owners have said they would much prefer a much more neat look to the model, and this... - Read more
January 20, 2014
In some news today coming directly out of the German car company known as Volkswagen, we are please to report on the latest news making it's rounds regarding the release and launch of the all new, Passat model from the well loved brand.   In terms of good all round vehicles, Volkswagen have proven to be a big time seller in the new and used car market, with cars such as the, Polo and Golf, which are without a doubt two of the biggest selling version of models from the companies history. But the brand are now hoping to set the benchmark standard again in the upcoming future,... - Read more
January 17, 2014
A new range-extender hybrid taxi for London has been revealed. The 'Metrocab' joins a growing list of vehicles, such as the Nissan NV200, trying to become the default choice for the capital's cabbies as part of Boris Johnson, Mayor of London's plans to make all London taxis capable of running on zero-emissions by 2018. The cab was designed and engineered by the British engineering company Frazer-Nash and Ecotive. The company claims the model's design will help save the average taxi driver around £30-£40 per day, due to reduced fuel costs and a claimed 75mpg c... - Read more
January 17, 2014
In some exciting news today coming out of the car industry and German manufacturer BMW, we are excited to have learnt of some of the reports circulating online, which come in the shape and form of the brand new X6 model has been spotted testing way out in the Arctic and looks to be a gorgeous looking machine. This latest model in SUV technology,is rumored for a 2015 official launch where as, a model much similar from the same German automobile designer's, will be set to launch at some point throughout this year and comes in the form of the, X4.   What we know so far about t... - Read more
January 16, 2014
In some fresh news today coming directly out of the German car company known as Volkswagen, we are excited to report on the latest news coming out of Detroit, that comes in the official unveilment of the brand new VW Beetle Dune model that looks exciting as well as being rumored to be. The latest model to come from the German brains behind the idea, after much speculation, pulled the cover of the vehicle over at the Detroit motor show in America, and we think it is safe to say that, the Volkswagen have indeed redefined the Beetle, and took a giant leap into the future with the warm welcome ... - Read more
January 15, 2014
In some news today coming directly out of the car industry, we are excited to report on the latest breaking news regarding,the Czech Republic car manufacturer Skoda. The brand have officially come out and stated that they are planning to launch two brand new special edition, Rapid hatchback models, all set for a launch throughout the duration of this year. The brand over the recent past few years have become very well known and loved amongst the global car consuming market, compared to the views car enthusiasts had on them a number of years ago now. The company are now officially in the top... - Read more
January 14, 2014
In some news today coming directly out of the American Detroit motor show, we are pleased to report on the latest news regarding the all new Kia Stinger model, that we have previously reported on,and we have some good news regarding an expected pricing and release time structure for this particular model coming straight from the South Korean brand owner's themselves at the exhibition over in the States. Although a direct price has not been confirmed, the owners of the South Korean brand have announced that this model will launch somewhere under the £30,000 mark, which is an except... - Read more
January 13, 2014
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } UK Government are prompted to tackle parking charges due to Cash Cow criticism. The law that sets the minimum charge for the United Kingdom could be abolished to in order for local authorities to be able to lower fines given out for parking, for more minor violations.   The most hated position within society is said to be the traffic warden according to a number of online surveys and it has come as no surprise that a number of councils have been using the use of parking tickets and fines as a way of generating capital.   The DFT (Dep... - Read more