October 13, 2014
What more can be said. This is the brand new Ninja H2 model. It has been rumoured and speculated for months now and the brand behind the machine have officially confirmed the bike itself with it to be officially revealed to the public for the first time ever on the 4th of November. There have been a lot of video teaser trailers for the brand new H2 model and the machine was revealed on the brands website. The bike receives some detailing announced by Kawasaki and some of the new technologies that have been adapted into the model. It is believed that the concept version of this bike produces... - Read more
October 13, 2014
Crossover vehicles are becoming more and more popular as the months go by. We have seen brands such as Fiat with the recent launch of the Panda crossover reach success with such models and today we are delighted to report that French car giant Peugeot have also put a new variant of crossover on sale and it makes its way to you in the shape and form of the new 2008 Crossway. Production of the standard 2008 was begun just one year ago and is a vehicle which receives some great features such as a good amount of interior leg and head room making this vehicle ideal for the whole family. This bra... - Read more
October 10, 2014
Ford has been making headlines around the world ever since last weeks Paris motor show with the strong showings for the C and S Max line up for 2015 and the brand new Ford Mondeo model for this year. Staying on the same subject though and we today cast our attention to this hybrid version of the Mondeo which is set to go on sale towards the end of this year. Hybrid vehicles are available from nearly every manufacturer on the market today and Ford are one of those companies who like to deliver on some of the most up to date and special advancements in the technology world. This will mark his... - Read more
October 10, 2014
The launch of a brand new crossover vehicle from the Italian Firm Fiat have officially taken place. We are pleased to inform you of the great news today the the all new Panda Cross model from the company has been officially put on sale and could prove to be one of the best vehicles for dual purposes that 2014 has to offer. We say this because the car has been specifically adjusted and changes made which help it to perform much better on off road surfaces. Don't let this cloud your judgment of the vehicle though as even when the car is on road it performs very efficiently. The vehicle wi... - Read more
October 9, 2014
The arrival of the brand new C 63 AMG variant from the Mercedes brand is imminent as it gets closer to the vehicles official launch early on into the 2015 year. The AMG line up is a division within the Mercedes company that certainly does not disappoint when it comes to finding that fine combination of both power and luxury and with the 2015 addition of the C 63 AMG we certainly believe that Mercedes is all set to continue this tradition. The firm have recently announced some brand new information on the car regarding the different variants of the vehicle to go on sale, the engine range to ... - Read more
October 6, 2014
After twenty two years in production, the Lancer Evolution model is officially ending production. The Mitsubishi brand from the Paris motor show last week officially confirmed this news. It has been stated that they are ending the production on the model so as they have more time to focus on their SUV line up which they see as their strongest seller on the market right now. The PHEV hybrid sector is where they plan to spend a majority of their time from here and this has been demonstrated by the PHEV concept-S model that was also revealed just last week. SUV variants of the Lancer have been... - Read more
October 3, 2014
The Audi A6 has received a brand new facelift in order to keep the vehicle fresh and maintain a high demand. The car was revealed near the end of the day yesterday from the Paris motor show just hours after the brand opened up the show with the the TT Roadster. The reception to the TT Roadster was positive but how does the new revitalised A6 line up compare to it?. Well the new changes to come to the A6 will also come into affect as far as the S6 and the RS6 models are concerned too. New exterior changes,transmission systems and on board technology are all included with the development of t... - Read more
October 3, 2014
Day one of the Paris motor show provided us with some special vehicles and now we have arrived at day two and the good news continue to be spread. Today we are focusing our attention on the brand new fourth generation Corsa model from well known manufacturer Vauxhall. The Corsa is one of the biggest and best selling city cars of all time and has taken on all comers over the years like the Ford Fiesta,Renault Clio and Citroen DS3 amongst many,many more. A lot has been officially confirmed about this brand new addition including the VXR model and we are pleased to make you aware of the news t... - Read more
October 2, 2014
As expected the Paris motor show is already flooding in the news regarding brand new vehicles and updates and it is only day one of the show. Now we are pleased to bring you some of the latest regarding a facelifted version of the successful Rio model from the Kia brand which is all set to go on sale early on into the course of next year. The vehicle receives some new updates to both the interior and exterior design of the vehicle that are hoped to keep the line up fresh and help the vehicle to remain as one of the brands best selling city cars on the market right now. We first seen the Rio... - Read more
October 1, 2014
In some news regarding the future of our car industry and a new vehicle launch within the next few years, a revised version of one of the biggest selling sports cars in the world has been spotted doing the lap at the Nurburgring over in Germany and it comes to us courtesy of the minds over at the Porsche brand and it is a brand new version of their successful Cayman model. The Cayman has been produced since 2005 and has seen two generations of the car go on sale over the course of the past nine years. This brand new variant has been confirmed to be a facelifted variant of the car and receiv... - Read more