September 12, 2013
Audi design bosses have recently revealed what the new Quattro could involve.   The new and reborn Quattro from Audi could be making production, though bosses haven't said yet whether it will be based on the Frankfurt Motor Show, Sport Quattro concept or the original Audi Quattro concept that was shown at the Paris Motor Show in 2010.  According to the head of design at Audi, Wolfgang Egger, both are possible. He said that every design concept that Audi do, the company is always thinking about everything becoming a reality. When referring to the concepts, he said that they ... - Read more
September 12, 2013
The New Fiat Panda Abarth   Fiat have neither confirmed or dismissed the idea of the Fiat Panda model joining the Abarth line up and the manufacturer has kept no secrets in its desire to expand the range and push for growth.   Fiat already have the 500, Punto and the Convertible 500 as part of the Abarth line up. A rumour began to circle following a statement from the head of Abarth issuing that the next model to join the range would be a small family car.   The troubles at Fiat Fiat currently have one of the largest dealership networks within the ... - Read more
September 11, 2013
Frankfurt Motor Show – The new Renault Megane   The new Renault Megane is a face lifted version rather than a brand new model and will sport a new front end feature and look which will be transferable on to the likes of the coupe, estate and the hatchback models.   The style shown on the new Renault model was first seen on the new Clio model. The new Clio model has been somewhat of a success since the model was first released and the model has built up a reputation and look that will be associated to the Renault brand.   There has been a number o... - Read more
September 10, 2013
The New Seat Leon ST Price Revealed   Seat have announced the price of the new Leon ST estate model. The new estate version will cost less than a £1,000 more than the five door hatch back with the range starting at £16,675.   The entry level Seat Leon Estate will come with an impressive 104 bhp 1.2 Tsi or the 1.6 TDI model. Other standard features such as the Blue tooth, air-con, touch screen display and seven air bags.   However, there is an upgraded version that motorists can opt for at an extra cost of £1,100. This extra cost will ... - Read more
September 9, 2013
Toyota to build new Aygo?   The ongoing venture between Peugeot, Citroen and Toyota is set to continue as the Japanese manufacturer tests what is believed to be a next generation Aygo model. Nothing has been confirmed by any of the manufacturers, however, the replacement models are believed to go on sale late 2014.   The original aim of the three manufacturers including Toyota, was to build something cheap and therefore offer something cheap and that is exactly what the trio achieved. However, the three models recently received a three star NCAP safety rating which... - Read more
September 7, 2013
A New Volkswagen Golf Plus   It has been rumoured that Volkswagen will take a new high rise hatchback model known as the new Golf plus to the Frankfurt Motor Show next week. A number of images have been leaked online recently, as models such as the New Audi A3 and the VW Golf Plus ready themselves for a public unveiling.   Like previous versions of the Golf Plus, the new model will offer more head room and a spacious cabin with more room in the rear. The model will of course be a five door hatchback and will carry with it a number of design and styles of the standa... - Read more
September 6, 2013
In a recent report from a leading car insurance provider, drivers in Cardiff have been announced as the politest drivers in the United Kingdom. The study looked at the driving behaviour of motorists, across 15 of the biggest cities in Britain. Research suggested that motorists in the Welsh capital were the most likely to give a better performance at junctions, pedestrian crossings and roundabouts. Allegedly they are also more likely to stop for pedestrians at crossings, thank other road users and give way at junctions. Cardiff drivers scored 97& of the maximum marks that were avai... - Read more
September 6, 2013
A new Mercedes S and C Class?   Mercedes have announced that they will be releasing a new S class model which will be publicly unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in a number of days time.   Mercedes announced the news on a Facebook page yesterday alongside a sketch of the new S class coupe model. The S Class Coupe model will join the other four models on the current S Class range and will look to overturn the rival that is the Bentley Continental GT.   The fact that the new Mercedes S Class model is going up against the Bentley Continental GT shows j... - Read more
September 5, 2013
The Vauxhall Adam Supermini   The Vauxhall Adam has been a hit in the UK since the model was first released, as many motorists seem to develop an attachment to the quirky look and feel of the car.   Vauxhall released the Adam model to assist the Corsa in the challenge of knocking the Ford Fiesta off the top spot in the UK. However, in the recent NCAP crash tester, the Vauxhall Adam model may have lost a considerable amount of admirers.   The Vauxhall Adam received a four star rating and was the only model out of a number cars being tested to not get a ... - Read more
September 4, 2013
The New Nissan GT-R   Nissan along with Ford have had one of the most successful terms of sales in the past 12-24 months. The year of 2012 reiterated how popular the new crossover models are within the UK car market as both the Nissan Juke and the Nissan Qashqai took the market by storm.   Ford on the other hand dominated the UK car market with both the Fiesta and the Focus models as they rounded out the year of 2012 in both the first and second best selling models. Nissan continued the success of additional models in the emerging electric car market. The electric ... - Read more