September 4, 2013
The New Electric Ford Focus   Ford have recently released images of the new Electric Ford Focus model. However, in terms of price the new Focus Electric will be nearly double the best selling electric car in the form of the Nissan Leaf.   The next priced competitor is the Renault Fluenece ZE which is priced within the region of £17,000 and although the running costs for the Renault are considerably cheaper, there is the downfall of leasing the battery.   In terms of sales figures, it may come as a shock for you that Ford have only predicted a lit... - Read more
September 3, 2013
The New Land Rover Discovery   The Land Rover Discovery has been described as being in a very vulnerable position in terms of sales as demand for the model seems to have disappeared. Land Rover have therefore looked to update the model to increase sales figures.   The new model will have a number of subtle changes made to it after the model now goes for the cleaner and more classy look centred round a diesel engine. In terms of the power and performance figures of the Land Rover Discovery nothing has changed.   As with many upgrades in today's car ... - Read more
September 2, 2013
The New Seat Ibiza Cupra   Seat have authorised the production of a brand new Ibiza model and have recently released computerised images of what the model may look like. The model will be built on the same platform to that of the likes of the Volkswagen Golf.   The images released online seem to display a distinct sporty style with edgy distinct lines and more dramatic surfacing than the standard Leon model. The images online are computer rendered images and may not display as much as you would like. However, the images display the wider tracks and slightly extende... - Read more