September 19, 2014
This year has certainly proved to be a great year for the automotive trade both as far as cars and motorbikes are concerned. We have seen many new developments in the industry over this year and new forms of technology that will prove to be key points in the future of the industry. Today in our countdown here at Easy Gap we are taking a look into some brand new motorcycle additions for this year which have recently been launched onto our streets by a range of different manufactures. We have a range of models represented in our top five countdown today and these include smaller engine varian... - Read more
September 19, 2014
The arrival of the new Mini Cooper SD,five door variant has happened. The Cooper SD five door is your alternative five door model to that of the Petrol Mini which has also just gone on sale. The Cooper has received many variations over the years which have established themselves as some of the biggest and best selling Mini models to ever be launched. One of the main improvements focused on with this version of the car is fuel efficiency compared to that of the previous diesel Mini. C02 emissions for the car are also greatly improved upon as we now see a development of 109g/km compared to th... - Read more
September 19, 2014
News has broken today from the Land Rover brand and it concerns their big selling Range Rover Evoque and the Paris motor show. It has been confirmed earlier on today that a brand new special edition of the car will be revealed to the public next month from the event and it is being marketed under the name of the SW1. The vehicle itself has been confirmed to a lot of new technology never used in an Evoque before and could be one of the big highlights technology wise of the show next month. The vehicle has been stated to go on sale from next month but the sad news here is that it is not expec... - Read more
September 19, 2014
American manufacturer Ford have just launched a brand new variant of the hugely successful vehicle, the Focus. The Ford Focus was first put on sale around various countries world wide from 1998 and has since this time gone on to receive three generations of the vehicle. One of the latest variants went on sale back in 2011 and proved to be one of the finest selling vehicles in Fords line up from the minute it was launched. The Focus held the record here in the UK for the most units of the car sold for consecutive years. It was the best selling car in the United Kingdom until 2009 when it was... - Read more
September 18, 2014
Today here at Easy Gap we are having another look into the motorcycle industry and we have returned with a countdown of some of the finest streetfighter style motorbikes on the market today. Streetfighter motorbikes come with a unique look about them which give standard motorbikes more of an aggressive look. There are many companies in the motorbike world that offer streetfighter machines and the majority of them have come from previously released bikes from around the world. We have a vast range of manufacturers in our list today and different bikes which some contain more power than comfo... - Read more
September 18, 2014
Next year one of the most anticipated SUV models of 2015 will make its presence felt and it comes to us courtesy of the Swedish car brand Volvo. The XC90 is all set to be one of the biggest launches ever. This has been demonstrated by the special day one edition sales of the XC90 which occurred just three weeks ago in which all models sold out completely over the space of just two days with a mere 55 customers only getting the purchase on one of these models here in the United Kingdom. Today though there is some more even more exciting news regarding the XC90 and that is that a special spor... - Read more
September 17, 2014
Today here at Easy Gap we are taking a look into the motorcycle industry and some of the industries biggest selling sports ranges that are on offer right now around the world. The majority of big selling motorbikes in this day and age come from Japanese manufacturers with the big ones being Honda,Suzuki,Yamaha and the Kawasaki brand. We today cover all of these manufactures and we have constructed a top five countdown of some of the biggest selling ranges for their respective manufacturers available on the market right now. We have ranked this list today based on the popularity of the bikes... - Read more
September 16, 2014
British luxury car designer Bentley have officially unveiled their brand new variant to their big selling Mulsanne line up. The companies range of Mulsanne model were first produced in 1980 and has proven to be one of the most spacious and powerful vehicles that the company has ever put on offer. The vehicle will be officially revealed to the general public next month live from the Paris motor show and is expected to go on sale from later on this year. This Mulsanne model will be more power orientated than any other addition to the line up from history   The features Bentley ha... - Read more
September 15, 2014
This year marks an exciting launch for the Seat brand as they introduce their brand new variant of the Leon which focuses a lot on improved fuel efficiency. The model is being market under the name of the Seat Leon ST FR 1.4 TSI ACT. The vehicle has received the big change of a new petrol engine which improves greatly on fuel efficiency and could potentially help boost sales figures and popularity even more for the brands flagship Leon model. We first seen the Seat Leon make its presence felt in 1999 when the first version of the car was developed. A further two generations of model followe... - Read more
September 12, 2014
The Paris motor show this year is packed with lots of brand new vehicle reveals from manufacturers all around the world and the latest brand to jump into the mix is popular Japanese car and motorbike designer Honda. It has been confirmed that the mass manufacturers all new HRV SUV model is all set to be unveiled in front of the public and media next month at the event. The SUV sector of the car industry is certainly one of the biggest and fastest rising sectors of the automotive industry right now. Rival brands like Nissan have introduced vehicles like the Qashqai and the Juke in the past w... - Read more