September 12, 2014
In some exciting news today making its way to us from German car manufacturer Mercedes, we are pleased to report on a recent reveal of a vehicle by the mass manufacturer which is all set to be officially unveiled at next months Paris motor show. The car we are referring to today is the welcome addition of the brand new facelifted B Class model. This five seated MPV will bring in a number of new features compared to that of the first B Class and some of these changes include the engine line up and both interior and exterior features. Production of the very first B Class was begun back in 200... - Read more
September 11, 2014
French car manufacturer Peugeot have officially launched their brand new 308 Allure THP Puretech 130 model onto our streets and it may very well just be the biggest 308 variation to reach us in quite some time. This is an automatic turbocharged petrol variant of the big selling 308. The 308 was first launched in 2007 and over the course of the past seven years it has become one of the flagship vehicles on the market that Peugeot are most well known for. The vehicle officially won the European car of the year award for this year beating other models such as the BMW i3 to the top of the list.... - Read more
September 10, 2014
In our top five countdown today, we are focusing all of our attention on the motorbike industry and some of the very best, top of the range super sports motorcycles available on the market today. Super sports variants have proven to make up for the majority of sales on bikes across various manufacturers from around the world and have more often than not proven to be bike of the year contenders over any other variants available on a global scale. Today in our countdown we have constructed this list based on on a number of key variables. Things like the overall reputation the bike has receive... - Read more
September 9, 2014
Today marks the morning after. Just last night live from Earls Court London, the iconic British manufacturer Jaguar officially revealed their brand new XE model in front of a live crowd. There have been rumours and speculation about the car for a number of months now and last night the mass manufacturer officially confirmed everything that you could possibly want to know regarding what has made it into the vehicle during its time on the production line. The vehicle itself comes in the manner of an executive style vehicle and will be displayed once again next month live from the Paris motor ... - Read more
September 8, 2014
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Today here at Easy Gap we are taking a jump into the motorcycle industry and to be more specific the 600cc motorbike line up that is on offer from a range of manufacturers all around the world today. As the years have gone by, 600cc motorbikes have proven to be just as big of a seller as that of the classic 1000cc engine line ups that companies offer right now if not more popular at times. Today we have constructed a list of some of the finest 600cc models on offer right now and some of the very biggest sellers that have brought in a good range of success for... - Read more
September 8, 2014
P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } Well the day has finally arrived and tonight live from London the iconic British manufacturer Jaguar will officially reveal their brand new XE model from 7.15pm this evening. The car will also be unveiled once again next month from the Paris motor show in front of the general public and media alike. The XE is one of the most hyped and anticipated vehicles that Jaguar has launched in some time and if the vehicle turns out to be anything like we have heard about, we certainly think that the car will very well prove to be one of the finest sellers that the Jagua... - Read more
September 5, 2014
Today here at Easy Gap we are taking a look into the motorbike industry and some of the manufacturers represented best selling motorbikes on offer. We have linked today's countdown with the world famous Moto Gp championship. The Moto Gp is the motorbike worlds equivalent to the Formula 1 championship. Over the years we have seen many of the big manufacturers represented in the Moto Gp world championship and more now than ever before. The sport has been the biggest and most talked about extravaganza amongst the motorcycle world since it was first introduced in 1949. Many motorcycles in t... - Read more
September 5, 2014
This year is certainly something special for the Kawasaki motorbike brand as the company have ushered in two 30th year anniversary models of the ZX 636 and the ZX 10R. These are not the only Z range motorcycles to find their way into the Kawasaki line up though, as this year also marks the official launch for a brand new tuned version of the big selling ZZR1400. The model being named the ZZR1400 Performance Sport contains more added features compared to that of the previous addition to the range which will prove to be great sales points for the bike. The ZZR1400 since its original launch ha... - Read more
September 4, 2014
Over the years we have seen huge developments as far as technological advancements are concerned in the automotive industry and in this day and age a lot of manufacturers include some terrific features and technology in their vehicles that could only be dreamed about a number of years ago. Today here at Easy Gap we are taking a look into some of the very best vehicles on the road which offer such technology and features that can be used to enhance your driving experience to a whole new level. A range of brands are represented in our list today which offer some of the same features and also ... - Read more
September 4, 2014
In some good news coming out today regarding the Peugeot brand and their hugely successful 308 model, we are pleased to report that an all new more powerful version of the car has been officially spotted undergoing testing on the road and it could very well sell even more units than the original 308 model if it proves to be a success. The very first 308 model was released in 2008 and is currently in its second generation. A range of both petrol and diesel engines are made available with the 308 and it is one of the most fuel efficient vehicles that the Peugeot brand has ever put on sale. Th... - Read more