September 3, 2014
The British car firm Land Rover have officially confirmed some brand new details on their new Discovery Sport model which is all set to be launched onto our streets here in the UK and across other parts of the world also from next year. The Discovery is one of the biggest selling vehicles that has ever come out of the Land Rover firm over recent years and it has certainly proven to be one of the biggest selling SUV models that the world has ever seen. In our opinion this new Discovery Sport could not come at a better time for the car industry as the SUV market as of late has seen a rapid in... - Read more
September 2, 2014
In some exciting news today a new high powered version of the i30 model from South Korean car brand Hyundai has been spotted undergoing testing recently. Hyundai have not officially confirmed the car as of yet or some of the features that are expected to come along with the vehicle although from the images that have been taken of the car testing we can see some new features of the car that will come as part of the package. The vehicle when spotted was under some heavy camouflage and it has also been rumoured that the tuned i30 model will receive the same engine that is currently used in the... - Read more
September 2, 2014
The motorcycle industry along side the car industry is one of the biggest selling forms of transport all around the world. Many different variations of motorbike have introduced around the globe over the years with some of the big sellers being touring motorcycles and sports tourers. Today though here at Easy Gap we have put together a list of five of the very best sports bikes to own today. Many of the manufacturers represented here in today's line up have a vast amount of sports machines on sale but we have chosen the best of the best today. With many of the manufacturers who made it ... - Read more
September 1, 2014
In continuation of our countdown today on some of the most popular selling vehicles in the United Kingdom throughout the years, we have today reached the year 2006 which brought in some new contenders for all sectors of the car industry as for as popularity is concerned. We seen new SUV models, sports machines and city cars arrive on our roads and across other parts of the world too, some of which are representing their respective brands very well in this day and age and have certainly increased brand recognition for manufacturers all around the world. Some familiar faces return for this co... - Read more