September 27, 2016
Easy Gap is pleased to bring you the latest motoring headlines on 27th September 2016. Firstly Autocar brings us a report of the sad demise of the Ford Ka. Described as a 'giant' and a founding member of the 'supermini' vehicle class, the value busting Ka has been a popular choice for motorists since the 1990's. The replacement for the Ka, the Ka+ is a bigger model so not perhaps a direct replacement at all. A sad end for a very popular vehicle. Motortrader Magazine has released details on a new Government consultation on vehicle mileage 'clocking. The age-old tri... - Read more
September 20, 2016
What are the motoring news headlines for 20th September 2016? Easy Gap brings the best from the latest headlines....... Firstly the September new '66' reg has brought thousands of people into car showrooms, however, Cap HPI have stated that 21% of the registrations in this month will come in the form of 'pre-registrations'. - AM Online Autocar reviews the all new Kia Niro hybrid According to a report in AutoExpress Tesla have been forced to perform a software update to the Model S as Chinese hackers gained control of vehicle brakes and doors. And finally, Motor... - Read more
September 13, 2016
All the latest motoring headlines from around the internet for 13th September 2016.............. AutoExpress have released a new article listing the best cars for students. As expected the Ford Fiesta and Renault Clio are present, but there are one or two that might just surprise you. Vauxhall will be evaluating the new Ampera-e for the UK market, but will not be releasing the vehicle for sale in the UK - AM Online Autocar have reported that an electric bus with a 350 mile range has been revealed. Public transport of the future? What new cars are due to be released? Autocar have ... - Read more